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Looks Like Another Week of Horrible Dialogue and Pod Person Steffy

Not even one minute into the Monday episode and we learn that it is “Quinn and Carter’s fault” that Paris is looking for a new place to live. Of course it is, because everything is their fault. Then in the same scene, we have Paris and Steffy practically holding hands across the desk at work…ugh!

Instead of talking on and on with Steffy about the dangers of Quarter, he NEEDS to tell her that Brooke and Paris are about to smash her world to smithereens.


It was especially galling for Steffy to be talking about how awful Quinn is because of her affair. Has she completely forgotten that she cheated on Finn with a married man just a few months ago, and she had far less excuse than Quinn did, because she and Finn were happy at the time while Quinn was being frozen out by her husband.


Ok so i did not watch yet but what have Quinn/Carter to do in regards to Paris losing her job? I see no connection at all.

And apparently Steffy was whining about Quinn again today. Now i really don’t care anymore of Paris does wreck her life. Quinn has done nothing to her.

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Steffy is just like hope, judging others, but not herself.


Quinn and Carter don´t have anything to do with Paris losing her job. Quinn and Carter supposedly are responsible for Paris losing her sister and a place to live. To listen to Paris it sounds like Zoe has been gone for quite a while. How do you come to be missing your sister so much when the two of them have not lived together that long and Zoe was not the most welcoming sister.

@loislane64 Like you I don´t like the way that Steffy is talking about Quarter when it was only about nine months ago that she betrayed Finn with less of an excuse that what Quinn had. Steffy would do well to remember that she betrayed her marriage vow when Liam made her feel the same way that Eric made Quinn feel. Granted Steffy only had a ONS on both occasions whereas Quinn went back for more but regardless of the number of times the pain of betrayal is the same.

I thought this could be a fun drama filled storyline, but it is awful. I just can’t with these two. Steffy and Paris are being so annoying I don’t care what happens with them. Steffy judging Quinn is a lot considering she is fresh off an affair with a married man and paternity test number 2.


Apparently they all have selective memory.

My problem with this whole s/l is I can’t figure out where the real Steffy is. Steffy raised Kelly for over 4 years with little to no input from Liam, worked a full time job and was in charge of many employees . Yet now, she is suddenly being written as a hand wringing woman who is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of motherhood and talks about missing hanging out with her girlfriends. She invites Paris to live with her, after Paris causes her son to go deaf from loud singing (Paris was belting out a lullaby…in real life, no baby would be able to sleep with such loud singing.) Paris is obsessed with Steffy’s home life, Brooke is coveting Steffy’s job. No way in hell that the real Steffy would stand by and let either of them have her life or her job.

Where is Steffy’s backbone? She better hurry up and find it, because in the blink of an eye, her life that she enjoys so much will be over. Paris will ingratiate herself into the lives of Finn, Kelly and Hayes while Steffy will have nothing. She won’t have a job either, because Brooke will take it.


Where was Steffy judging Quinn? All she said is that she can’t stand what Quinn did to her grandad. That is it. That one statement. Nothing more.

Steffy was much harder on herself after her ONS with Liam. She hated her actions and stated as much. She stated she hated what she did to Finn and to the Lope “family”.

I fail to see what Steffy said today as something bad.

Ridge said a lot more than Steffy. And Brooke has said more than all others combined.


I haven’t seen the episode yet but it sounds like Bell is on another quest to make Steffy look worse than Hope.

It wasn’t that long ago Hope had done both brothers and cheated on both brothers. Whereas Steffy had been true blue all those years to Liam.

And in the blink of an eye Steffy’s suddenly done both brothers, cheated on both brothers, on one with the father. True blue Steffy who’d only had sex with one Spencer all those years (Liam) and had never cheated on him suddenly hit the trifecta. All in about one years time. Just before coincidentally the one who raises tomatoes and glows returned from Milan.

Well it worked on me last time. Won’t work this time. I’m going to hang in there gritting my teeth if necessary. At least I hope it doesn’t work this time. But I really have no idea how far under that bus Steffy’s going to get thrown. It sure not looking too good at this point.


All I heard Steffy say was that she hated what Quinn did to Eric. I see nothing wrong with that. Rather, I would see a problem if Steffy was OK with her grandfather being hurt. True enough, Steffy ended up cheating on Liam (with Bill) for much the same reason Quinn found herself cheating on Eric, but Steffy has no way of knowing what Eric did to Quinn.

I found Ridge a little hard to swallow. Not all that long ago Ridge was ranting and raving about the evils of Zoey. Now, he wants to blame Quarter for Zoey’s leaving. Although, I can understand Ridge’s being upset that his father was hurt.

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Yes more whining did happen. I do think Steffy is most upset how this has hurt her granddad and so she lashes out at Quinn as the cause. Not one second does Steffy clue in to the fact granddaddy dearest was cruel to Quinn. Or does she own her own recent transgressions with the very married Liam. Oh Steffy…

I almost expected Flo to overstep a bit and remind both Ridge and Steffy how Eric basically drove Quinn away to seek comfort elsewhere. So far Flo is the only one who has had that take on the situation.

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I actually watched today’s episode, and in there was a scene in which both Paris and Zende were complimenting Steffy on being a powerhouse when it came to handling work and family. Zende even said that doing the job/family thing can’t be as easy as Steffy makes it look. Paris was carrying on about how “present” Finn is with Steffy and the kids even though his job probably carries even more pressure than Steffy’s job comes with. Paris is looking forward to getting to know Finn…the handsome doctor who is devoted to Steffy.

I am not sure what hand-wringing Steffy was doing today. I was more concerned about Paris and Zende who no longer even resembled a couple today. He knew she was looking for a place and, apparently, didn’t care enough to invite her to live in the guest house. He told her that living with Steffy and Finn won’t give HER much privacy. Oh. boy…

This is Bell´s new plan to have Steffy behave this way. Bell has figured that if ramming down Lope and Brope down our throats he is going to change tactics. Even Steffy fans are disappoint about her hypocrisy regarding Quinn. We are disappointed that now that Steffy has a reliable man in her life she is inviting Paris to live with them because after years of having no gf relationships suddenly Steffy is craving having a gf to talk to.

I would say that he is taking away Steffy´s backbone but I think that he took that away a couple of years back when she lets Liam, Brooke and Hope walk all over her. I cringe every time that Liam does something wrong and he claims that it just keeps making her stronger. IMO it does just the opposite.

@Siren91 Yes Steffy was hard on herself for the actions that she took but that should make her understand that Quinn might be feeling the same way. Quinn knows that she is responsible for what she did. We have heard Carter refer to how Eric was treating her but we have not heard Quinn herself keep saying that she cheated because Eric was pushing her away.

Flo is walking a fine line. But, I had no problem with what she said. She probably didn’t say more because she realizes that Ridge and Steffy are Eric’s family and defensive of Eric. Of course, if any of them cared to elaborate with Flo, I suspect she would set them straight.

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Agree Flo is walking a fine line. Flo is Shauna’s daughter and long time friend of Quinn. Plus there is always the wildcard factor that Shauna may throw her hat in the ring to end up with Eric.

This is all I saw Steffy say as well. Perhaps there is a bonus scene that has more stuff in it that we have not seen.

IMO, Steffy definitely had a point about the weirdness of Eric’s having the man his wife cheated with as his attorney. Maybe that’s what upset some. Not me, though, I agree with Steffy.

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In my opinion because of Steffy’s most recent affair and paternity test I think she should keep her snide comments about Quinn to herself. Same with Brooke.

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