Looking for Fans of All My Children

A reunion show with some of the cast of All My Children will be filming in November and we are looking for fans of the show to speak to what they loved about the series, what storylines resonated with them and, since the show ended in a cliffhanger, what they would have preferred to see. We are seeking people who would be comfortable speaking on camera, sharing their thoughts and even asking the cast questions.

Please reach out if interested.

Thank you!


That was my favorite soap. I even watched it when it came back on online. I was heartbroken twice. I would love to participate in anything “All My Children”

AMC was my favorite as well, turning it on felt like coming home.

Mine as well…“Tad and Dixie forever”

New show, Pine Valley on primetime.

This must have happened ages ago, but if it hasn’t I love AMC. I watched back when it started… Tara and Phillip and Kitty and Erica Kane, of course. My favorite storyline was anything with Tad, but particularly when he was pursuing Liza and Liza’s mother was pursuing HIM! At least that’s how I remember it. Tad and Dixie were great, too.