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Liz is an idiot

I was floored that she told Nicholas that her and Franco were behind the blackmailing, hello? DUH! Why would she tell him? And I really lost respect for her and Franco when they ripped the checks up, come on that money they could have used it, both idiots.

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You respected them more as blackmailers - than characters who were honest and chose to do the right thing? Nic admitted EVERYTHING that he did to Liz and Franco - and apologized for it. As Nic’s friend - she did the same thing in return. Maybe they don’t want to be THOSE people anymore. Maybe they want to get their TRUE friendship back.


Nope…I’d take the money and run! ( It’s a Soap) I wanted to see Liz and Franco have to solve all their money problems! Yes of course, Liz has a conscience (yawn)

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Nic and Liz have a twenty year friendship. In the end she never would have felt good about taking the money.


I think that tearing up the checks was the right thing to do but perhaps not the most advantageous. It is never a good idea to admit to a blackmailing scheme to anyone, particularly to someone who has not proven themselves to be above doing bad things, such as is the case with Nikolas. So for that reason Liz should have kept her mouth shut.


Take the money and run! Nic and Ava can afford it🤗

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And how do they explain the money to the boys? Just tell another lie?

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The boys don’t have to know anything, bank account and finances are none of the kids business. Kids don’t care about their parents Bank accounts or bills anyway, even Cam with his part-time job they could have told him just work for himself that they got their bills under control or something like that.They should have taken the money and ran with it! :laughing:

Cameron isn’t a stupid kid. If they all of a sudden have the money to pay for EVERYTHING when they have been struggling for months to pay for ANYTHING - of course he’s going to want to know where it came from and ask questions. And if they planned on paying for his education with their blackmail money - you know he would be against it. He actually has a strong moral compass. It’s very refreshing to watch.

In real life I would say definitely don’t do it but on this soap, General Hospital…I wish they would have done it because it would have made for more drama, that’s the only reason I’m saying it! I’m still not understanding why sleazy Scott didn’t cash the check himself and try to disperse the money to Liz and Franco and then take some for himself!

I was never a fan of this storyline because it didn’t make sense. Liz could have outed Nik and still received the money. He would have gladly given Liz whatever she needs for herself and his nephews.


Sometimes it’s more important on soaps to build a bridge back to friendship than to reinforce unnecessary drama. This show is dark and depressing right now - it doesn’t need anymore trauma added to it. Nic and Liz finding their way back to each other just reminds me how great GH USED to be.

Yes! I agree! He would give it to her if he knew she was in dire need of it.

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