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Kyle and summer shut up

how is the world do they blame salt for any of this? Sally didn’t father a child with a married woman, Theo told sally because he didn’t like how smug Kyle and summer were, and more importantly summer decided to play real dirty by going to speak with felony flo.

Kyle and summer shut up and take responsibility for your on actions.


I agree. he blamed it on sally. he was the one sleeping with a married woman, this is all on him but he’ll never own it. poor little spoiled rich boy.




What did Kyle and Summer say that wasn’t true?
Summer ‘played real dirty’ in retaliation. I won’t say more than that because it’s pointless.

Kyle blamed Sally for ‘the mess she helped make’.
He said ‘helped’.
He didn’t lay blame solely on her, just the part she played, and continues to play by eavesdropping and most recently, sending Tara to their engagement party
when she could have said nothing.

If Sally didn’t want to be embroiled in drama, she would leave them alone.


They also seem to forget that the only reason Sally held the info about Tara/Harrison/Ashland over their heads is because they flew all the way to LA to dig up dirt on Sally’s past first. And I don’t understand how after all the crap they’ve pulled, Summer/Kyle/Nick/Phyllis/Jack are so innocent and redeemable yet Sally is constantly seen and evil and untrustworthy. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Meh Sally started this by going to Theo, but yes let’s change history to fit the narrative.


This is not true.
They flew to LA, number 1, for business with Bill Spencer. Secondary was because …

This :point_up_2:t4: :point_up_2:t4:

Sally started this war. Sally, not Kyle and Summer.

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The lot of them are known as sanctimonious hypocrites.


I think that Summer started it not Sally or Kyle! Sally has definitely tried to stick it to Summer after that Business and more specifically Fact Finding Mission trip in LA however… It is time to move Sally off this storyline to a better one


You are right Summer didn’t like Sally from day one and she didn’t like that Sally wanted her job so she flew to LA to dig up dirt on her. Sally used the info Theo gave her to shut Kyle and Summer up . They were threatening Sally before Sally threatened them. Kyle and Summer should STHU


How many threads will y’all make to talk about my “boring” “uninteresting” “entitled” “spoiled brats”

I’m glad y’all love them as much as we do :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I absolutely disagree.
Sally set the war in motion.
The ‘getting dirt on the business trip’ happened in response to Sally forming ‘take Summer down’ alliance with Theo.
I am not going to rehash it because we will never agree.

Sally didn’t like Summer either. That wasn’t one sided.
Sally’s nose got out of joint because Summer didn’t know who she was.

Not true at all.

Also not true.
Sally and Theo formed the first alliance. She stated rather plainly that she wanted his help to ‘take Summer down’.

Theo let Summer in on the goings on and that is when she decided to do what Sally was doing while she was in LA. She had no reason to otherwise.


Summer actually worked she met with bill and made a succesful deal somrthing lauren wanted to do but never did

Ill also add sally was backstabbing theo to jack while using theo to get dirt on sumer
When summer confronted sally sally went after jack and preyed on his loneliness


Kyle is such an arrogant, spoiled brat. He talks about how others are greedy. Kyle never had to be “greedy”. He always had everything handed to him without any problems due to the Abbott fortune and power.

If Kyle/Tara hadn’t stared at each other at the GP hotel and had that heated argument, maybe Ashland would not have caught on.


I get that… there are people we meet that right off the bat we don’t like… Sally is that kind of girl that is hated. She is abrasive mean and a bully. And so jealous that it oozes out of every pore of her body.

10 a day for sure. LOL

Yep… them’s the facts ma’am.

Truth… she hated that Summer was all Sally, Cindy who?

not at all true.

you have been missed our little facts queen.


She is a backstabbing dirty little cat.


But she didn’t “help” make the mess. I admit she enjoyed Skyle’s misery too much but nothing she did, caused anything that has happened.

I hope Tara goes cray cray on Summer & Sally rescues her.


Nope Summer wanted to dig up dirt on Sally before Sally dug up dirt on Kyle.


Nope, not how it happened.
Sally went to Theo the first two days she was in town.

I don’t remember that so I will take your word for it.

I agree! Kyle and Summer used to be my favorite but now they are really starting to get on my nerves the way they are blaming My queen Sally. I’m tired of everybody on this show hating on Sally. Especially Phyllis. Phyllis has done far worst than Sally yet she have the nerve to be going around town telling everybody how “evil” Sally is. All Sally did was blackmail and get info about Kylie they need to get over it and stfu