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Kidnapping Tradition

I loved Claire calling kidnapping the bride traditional. I have been thinking about that storyline a lot lately. I would love if they showed flashbacks to Bo and Mrs H. (my favorite frienndship ever) plotting and conducting the kidnapping of Hope. I still smile when I remember the reaction of Larry, and others, when he lifted the bridal veil and it was Howie’s face staring at him. Ads featuring such flashbacks to the good old days would increase ratings I’m sure. While I am confident that Ciara’s kidnapping will not be as entertaining (and certainly not as well accepted by the characters or the viewers), I personally hope that it works. The idea if Ciara marrying Theo makes makes my stomach hurt.


One of my favorite scenes on DOOL !! Howie was hilarious, the actor was great. Loved it when Howie said something like kiss me, or my puss, and pursed his lips. The actor playing Larry Welch had an equally hilarious response. aaaaah, the good ole’ Days.


The thought of replicating the past Bope wedding kidnapping scene with a Cin version of today, shows that the stories from back in the day were the best. Yes, that Howie and his face under the veil was one of the funniest scenes EVER on Days!

Funny how the current writers decimated the whole Bope supercouple. Yet, now they are reaching back to resurrect what was once pure gold before they tarnished it.
Trying to have it both ways- eliminating one of the best supercouples ever, but now using the very same iconic kidnapping plot, just doesn’t cut it.

We’ll see soon enough how the Cin version works out.

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All I know is when anyone expresses how bad they feel for Theo, I’m going to vomit.


I agree completely. Can’t stand him and what he’s doing. There is absolutely no reason for this rush to get married except he wants Ciara before her memory comes back. He knows darn well what the relationship was between Ben and her.


Say what you will about the scenes, but I was EXTREMELY impressed with the lighting, direction, acting and dialogue during the cliffhanger with Ben and Ciara. (I’ve only seen up to Thursday’s episode so far.) This just goes to show that even on a budget, with the right actors, direction and script, Days can excel. I’m freaking out right now and don’t want to press play on Friday’s episode because I know it will be a long wait until we get a new episode!!!#$@%#$%

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