Katie & Wyatt

At first I could not figure out why Bell would want to set up Katie & Wyatt. Now I see!!! :unamused: The pairing of Katie & Wyatt will really be a great background for Quinn & Katie Battles, as well as, have $Dollar Bill Steamed up over Wyatt being with his ex-wife. In addition, it will be interesting how Wyatt will be interacting with Baby Will. And of course, Wyatt will find out from Katie about his Mom Quinn and her involvement with Ridge. Finally, I believe Wyatt will tell $Dollar Bill Dad about the Ridge & Quinn love connection, setting off B & B Summer Fireworks!!! :laughing: The Katie & Wyatt connection (Kai-Yatt or Watie???). Hope someone comes up with a good name for them (even though outside of the potential great storyline they have no romantic sparks)!!! :nerd:

Sorry I am not feeling them at all jmo :imp:

This is just gross! Can we please stop all of the cross pollination on these shows. Hire some more actors/actresses instead of passing the same ones around to each other…this is getting sick

they’re called watie on social media and darin brooks likes that shipper name. i agree about the drama it will bring but they have zero chemistry. katie needs a new man.


I totally agree with you! They hardly ever had scenes with just the two of them in the past and now two days of scenes; her dropping into office, phone calls, now him going to her house. Well looks like they are fast tracking this mismatch! Ugh when they make out first time I am just gonna say it; gross!!

Recycled story lines, but one difference, instead of Eric hitting on the young one’s it’s Katie’s turn. Wyatt, the half-brother daddy to Katie and Bill’s son.

Katie & Wyatt are a forced couple that I don’t care for one bit. Couldn’t the producers afford to bring in a new male character for Katie? They are wasting HT’s talent right and left, and Wyatt is not the guy to pair her with. The only interest there would be Quinn’s reaction to her son dating the enemy, but otherwise they are a dud.

The true test of this pairing is if the actors can sell it.
DB (Wyatt) has proven he can sell romantic chemistry when he was paired with Hope and Steffy. With Ivy, not so much. I have yet to see HT (Katie) have romantic chemistry with a male character. I never saw it with Bill. She and Ridge got off to a good start, but fell flat when it came to their love scene. It was never right between them after that. The string engagement ring made perfect sense because they were going nowhere.

DB and HT are very good actors. I never wanted to see this pairing, but if they are going to do it, I hope they can pull it off and make me a believer.

Subtlety is not Bell’s strong suit. Wyatt and Katie went from having NO scenes together to being in the last 4 episodes together. So now he’s beating us over the head with it, that they will be a couple. Ugh.

I said the same thing katie looks foolish being with wyatt wyatt needs a young hot girl his age to let his fire not some old nosy busy body like katie jmo

IKR I will FF through their scenes seriously are they trying to bury katie’s character or what :laughing:

This was a bad idea. Wyatt has chemistry with no one and Katie, who usually has chemistry with everyone, has none with Wyatt. Watching them have lunch was uncomfortable. Bell, stop it right now. Bring someone new for Katie and send Wyatt to Milan. He and Hope can stay there forever.

no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Katie and wyatt do not have any chemistry and she looks like his mom not a lover but if it keeps her away from ridge then go for it :laughing: :laughing:

There is no one else for either of them. I hope no one is rebounding. They both deserve better. .

What a predictable and TERRIBLE match Katie and Wyatt make. He’s a good looking guy and should spend his time and energy on a younger woman (his generation). Katie’s been around the block a few times and has quite a few miles on her; she needs to be with a more mature man. Having said that, for the sake of being ‘politically correct’, for matters of the heart, age is pretty much irrelevant (exception: child brides, lol). Still, this show needs new partners for both of them. It’s probably being done to instigate problems with Quinn and $Bill

I was hoping for Caroline to return. She and Wyatt would be a natural. There had been some minor flirting between them before and they looked terrific together. Also an age appropriate match, and an interesting angle vs. Tom and Sally because of the child (Douglas was it?).

A show of hands who thinks bill will be wanting katie back after this :laughing: :laughing: and I agree katie and wyatt YUCK

I think Wyatt and Caroline are cousins. I believe Bill’s sister gave birth to her. Now, if Bill’s sister’s partner gave birth to her, we may have a possibility. Who knows?

Nope. I’m thinking Brooke will become ‘curious’ about Wyatt, as she’s known to do when any female relative discovers fresh meat. She will somehow manage to inject herself into the relationship. Those Logan women don’t change. :laughing: