Katie doesn't know about Bill and Steffy?

I agree, he hasn’t treated any woman with respect. It’s his fault that none of them want him.


I totally agree.

I want to know how this went from Finn and Steffy being blackmailed and everyone thinking Hayes was in danger from Sheila to being Katie and her son will being the one most afraid, and most concerned…and Carter saying they are all in danger from Sheila….too stupid…
And now, is deacons new place Brooke’s new hide out…yesterday pizza, today ravioli???


Not only that, but Brooke was eating ravioli at the restaurant and then brought what looked to be a good-sized pizza, from the size of the box, to Taylor’s office. I would guess that she wouldn’t think Taylor would eat that entire pizza by herself, so how much time elapsed between the ravioli and the pizza? The last time we saw Brooke, she and Hope were eating pizza, too. It’s just weird that she’s suddenly carb loading when we so rarely see people eat much of anything on screen.

Also, this is just me, but when Brooke arrived at Taylor’s with a pizza dressed entirely in white, my first thought was that if I ate pizza dressed entirely in white, I guarantee you I’d somehow manage to spill something on myself.


Katie was busy getting busy with Wyatt at the time lol. Katie with mishmash body parts can have several seats with her misplaced astonished outrage. Her forgetful behind knew Bill slept with Steffy and even she believed that Bill was capable of preying on Steffy because she if Bil forced himself on her.


If I am going to eat something I might spill I get a serviette and tuck it in my top…like they do in the comedy movies…

I thought they…(Taylor and Brooke) were going to go in for the pash today but thank goodness they didn’t…
I can’t handle Katie at all…,she has taken over from Brooke and Hope with the me, me, me crap and Charlie should not have a job. How did Sheila get past them all and more security at that….much to hard to even try to figure where the writers are going with this…


He hasn’t. He played Katie, Brooke and Quinn. Skeeping with one while professing love for another.

I think if he ever had the chance to really be with Steffy, he would not have cheated on her. I think he loved her more than any other woman and by the writers having him hurt Steffy like this now is inconsistent and absolutely out of character for Bill when it comes to Steffy.

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I can’t stand Katie. I haven’t been able to since she got with Bill all those years ago. Bill should have been left single a long time before settling down. The mistake was putting him with Katie. Heather Tom said when she heard DD was coming to BB, she called Bell and told him to put Katie with Bill. That was a huge mistake IMO. Then just about a year or two ago, Heather Tom said that after Katie being married to Bill, there is no where for her to go and that her character was written into a corner. I was saying that from the beginning.

I was enjoying having a Katie free BB, but now she us back front and center. Ugh. Snotting it up every dang day. She is making me root for Sheila.

Don’t get me started on Charlie. I can’t stand him. He is an absolute idiot and has no business being security, anywhere. The Forresters need to hire a security firm, with top notch trained professionals, especially with Sheila free. I hope Carter fires Charlie when he finds out Sheila was in the building.


Oh definitely. I would too! Although I loved Brooke’s outfit, I wondered why she was in all white and Taylor in all black. They have been dressing Brooke in a lot of white and light colored clothing. It is like theyvare physically trying to whitewash her and make her Taylor’s hero. :roll_eyes:

I am actially glad to see these women eat carbs. They are always eating salads.

I have no problem with them eating carbs. I just couldn’t imagine eating ravioli and then ordering a pizza to go. That’s a lot of heavy food all at once. For anybody, I mean.

Also, I think KKL looks better with a color than with white or with white and a color accent, simply because she’s a pale blonde. Lights wash everyone out a bit, so I’d prefer to see her in a bit more color.

I noticed that too. Their relationship is not the same at all. I realize she’s in a very mature relationship with Finn but it’s the way she talks to Bill now. it’s like he’s a colleague or just simply the grandfather of her daughter.