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Jax's Stained Armor

Jax was forced to admit his role in the stolen-kidney situation when Nelle came to town. Nobody seemed horrified by his actions since it resulted in his daughter getting a new kidney so I suppose it was a case of the ‘end’s justifying the means’. Upon his confession to Nina once again he was exonerated. This misdeed by Jax is one of many yet he never seems to be held accountable by anyone.

Jax has vilified Sonny & Valentine repeatedly for their misdeeds. Sonny did acquire a heart for Alice by suspicious means but it wasn’t from an innocent child. To my knowledge Valentine has never purchased a stolen organ. Jax is supposed to be an intelligent man but yet he didn’t have sense enough to realize that a new kidney for Joss would have to come from another child. He stated he didn’t ask or care where the kidney came from.

So who is Jax to pass judgement on anyone?? Nina could not be with Valentine nor have anything to do with Sasha because of their lies and bad actions so how can she so easily justify Jax’s misdeeds? Perhaps it is because Jax hides behind the facade of a charming corporate raider instead of owning that he is no better than Valentine or Sonny. Why does Nelle not seek vengeance from Jax? Instead she is jealous of and hates Carly for something that Carly knew nothing about while simultaneously be willing to be employed by the man who was responsible for her kidney being taken, that kidney which seems to be the catalyst for her self-pity and the excuse for her terrible actions.

The white knight has tarnished armor.

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its been excused because he was saving his daughter


Yeah wasn’t he forced out of the county by Sonny and he didn’t let him come back for a long while

Not condoning this, but what parent wouldn’t do everything to save his or her child?!

How did Jax know where to find Nelle

I didn’t think Nelle knew that it was Jax who did that to her.

Irregardless if the results of Jax’s actions were positive. I understand why he bought the kidney but I deplore his utter disregard for the fact that another child had to give up a kidney and that he always acts so sanctimonious towards Sonny & Jason when he is no better.

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I e seen this assumption a few times so decided to check if I was correct on the matter. Turns out I was. Found this from Stanford Children’s Hospital:

" A child older than age 2 can generally receive an adult kidney . There is usually enough space in the child’s belly for the new kidney to fit."

I appreciate your clarification on that because I had wondered if it had to be a child’s kidney or if one from an adult would suffice. However, it doesn’t change my mind in that even it were another adult’s kidney it still was wrong on all levels. Jax knew this & and he did it anyway. It is the rank hypocrisy that bothers me. People can do terrible things and always use the mantra “the end justifies the means”. The prisons are full of people who lived by that creed. Jax has condemned Sonny for the things he has done (some of which were done “to justify the means”) but he likes to appear noble.

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Oh, agree totally.

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question is if nelle is inf act ninas daughter
will nina still be kissing jax rare and telling him he did what he had to for his daughter knowing the kidney was taken from her daughter