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Jax blowing off Alexis

Once upon a time Jax, Ned, and Alexis used to be besties. I don’t like how far the writers have had them drift apart. And I didn’t care for the scene today where after a pitying glance - Alexis shooed him away - and Jax just shrugged his shoulders to meet with Britta of all people.

I mean I GET IT - from her character’s point of view - and from his. She didn’t want his help - and he couldn’t do anything TO help her. It just came off as cold to me. And so far from how they USED to be with each other. It’s sad how all friendships on GH are just crumbling and deteriorating before our eyes.

I am glad though that Jax was able to dig Britt’s claws out of him.

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I am sure he still cares alot about Alexis…but at that particular point in time…he had an urgent meeting to attend to and couldn’t lounge around and pity party with Alexis…She needs to recognize the deeper mess she is putting herself into before anybody comes in and rescues her…Maybe Jerry will come through…

As for Britt…She is interested in making a difference regardless of who her Boss is…and for that I commend her. She has finally realized that being a daughter of Faison and Liesl doesn’t mean she needs to hide her talents from the World…

Jax can be a hypocrite sometimes. Jerry is his brother and no matter what…family often comes first even when they inconvenience you so much…

Friendship between Alexis and Jax will still be there…


Jax quickly sized up the situation and determined that at that point there was nothing he could say or do that would help Alexis. As for the pity party I think Alexis is really enjoying being free and uninhibited to social norms. She can say anything to anybody and get away with it because she’s drunk. She feels she deserves this alcoholic binge so she’s gonna make the best use of it. It’s sad but predictable.

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An urgent meeting? It was the Britch being a queen B - trying to get money out of him. Just because Cyrus has her in his pocket - doesn’t mean that Jax is going to fall for the same BS. He knows better - and knows exactly why mostly everyone of true value at GH suddenly doesn’t have a job. Britta is just choosing to be ignorant - so she can finally lord over everyone.

Jax has never approved of Jerry’s methods - and has tried his best not to have anything to do with him. Britta and mutta have conspired together more than once to get what they wanted - not caring who they hurt in the process. They can BOTH go kick rocks IMHO

I agree Alexis needs to get her ish together - before she will be open to any kind of help.