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Is there a point of Paris

Moving in with Stephy and Finn? I knew she knew Stephy but Fin? I hope there is no crazy SL making her Crazy. She complimented that house ,View, Family and Neighborhood way to many times.

Odd she didn’t move in with Zende. Eric wouldn’t have mind if she stayed in guess bedroom. Especially after the Quinn thing his house is empty ( just him and Zende).


I’m questioning just about everything about Paris these days. She has gone from being a backburner character to the star of the show??? And now we are hearing that Finn’s mom may not be a big Steffy fan for her son, so this is a perfect setup for Finn’s mom to take a liking to Paris over Steffy. UGH.


No point other than trouble. Why do they need trouble. Let them be happy. Yeesh, we love the drama but sometimes the drama is simply lots of love in the afternoon between happy people. Can we just embrace some of that right now? Why does everyone have to have ulterior motives and dark pasts.


They need to get rid of her. Worthless character.


I think she will make as play for Finn at some point. I dont like Paris she is too sneaky…


Paris moving in with a brand new family is not realistic. It is an intrusion and will not be fun to watch. In the previews I read it seems they want us to believe that Paris makes a play for Finn. This is unrealistic. Look at Steffy Forester. She is gorgeous…and Finn wouldn’t make a play for Paris over Steffy. How ridiculous.

I think a much more interesting storyline would be Quinn being Finn’s biological mother.

Paris can walk out the door and never return. I feel the same about Paris as I do Felony Flo. Both characters were ruined.


Too true. Paris may be attractive to some people, but Steffy is a knockout and has it all, looks brains and she genuinely cares about people. Paris is a brat compared to Steffy, but I wouldn’t put it past the writers, with their current obsession over Paris, to have Finn’s mom meet Paris and be instantly in love with her.


Would be a little bit of karma for the way she treated Quinn (who did/does not hate her btw)
Paris the baby whisperer taking better care of Hayes? lol

Steffy definitely has the looks but lately I would question where her brain is. Steffy has invited the viper into her den. It seems to me that everyone that meets Paris instantly likes her and falls for her ¨I only want to help people.¨ Everyone talks about how good she is.

You may be right in that Finn´s mother will instantly like Paris and dislike Steffy. Once again we have the blonde is good and the brunette is considered to be a bad person.


She is there to aid brook in making us barf


And what happened to her important Foundation job? Why is she working with Steffy?

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Paris still has her Foundation job. Overseeing the FC Foundation might be part of Steffy´s role as Co CEO. Why Paris went out to the house to meet with Steffy is hard to understand because Steffy was returning to the office that afternoon. Steffy changed her wardrobe but Paris had not so it was the same day.

It seemed to me that Ridge was a little mystified by Steffy´s invitation to Paris. We also noted that Steffy says that Eric has been by the house to meet his new great grandchild.

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