interesting couple pairings when GL ended

I saw on a thread on SC that Mindy ended up with Rick, Blake was paired with Frank, and Holly reunited with Ed. I have a few questions. I know Olivia hooked up with Frank’s ex wife I believe, and Ross died. I do recall Blake and Frank had a fling years ago as well. Anyway, how did Holly and Ed get back together? I thought she was happy with Fletcher. When did they divorce? Speaking of Fletcher, he reunited with Alex. What about Buzz and Lillian, I didn’t even know they were friends. I read Lizzie and Bill Jr. got married as well. Although I liked her with Matt, that was sweet Billy and Vanessa reunited as well as Rick and Mindy. I always liked them as friends.

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I really liked the ending couple pairings. Loved, LOVED that Holly and Ed got their HEA together. IMO they should have been together instead of Holly with Fletcher and Ed with Eve. Blake and Frank made sense, and yes Olivia got together with Natalia who had been engaged to Frank and had his baby. They named her Francesca. The Buzz and Lillian thing did come out of left field, but it worked. The only thing is I would have had Alex go off with Hawk and not Fletcher, though that was okay too.

But having said that TPTB ruined Fletcher for me by having him leave Holly and taking their daughter Meg with him and not telling her where they were. The pairing was a mistake from the get-go because their was absolutely no chemistry between Maureen Garrett and Jay Hammer. He left because he believed she still loved Roger, which wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t then sent Holly periodic pictures of their daughter with updates, essentially causing her to go crazy and become the Nursery Rhyme Stalker. I just hated Fletcher after that – as you can see it still burns me up after all these years – and in the end we never knew what happened with Meg. Fletcher mentioned his late stepson Ben in that final episode, but no mention of Meg. I’m just really glad TPTB thought enough of the Holly character to give her a HEA with Ed, who in my opinion was her second greatest love (after Roger of course).


They ruined Fletcher for me as well, when Holly came back and said that he just took their daughter and left her. That was so out of character. I was glad that the and Alex got a do over. When Beverly McKinsey was in the role they had mad chemistry. Marj Dusay was a good recast.
I also hated that they turned Ben who had been raised by Fletcher into a killer. Perhaps that was the lead into Fletcher changing off-screen.
Did anyone cry when it was revealed that Reva’s husband was alive, and then he decided to let her live happy with Josh by remaining dead as he watched them through the trees? Now that was the reunion that I really wanted to see - Reva & Bud (Josh).