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Insulting to women, once again

Eric, a soon 80 year old man, gets two women young enough to be his daughters fighting for him. Weird as heck, but ok.

He can’t get it up for his wife so he pushes her to another man on purpose. Then tosses her out. When she finds happiness, he takes her back. She may continue sleeping with the other, as long as she has no feelings for him. But wait, no she can’t cause he changed his mind. But he still can’t get it up for her.

Along comes his ex who after 10+ years is still pining away for him. He licks her finger and suddenly gets it up. For someone other than his wife. All it took was a lick on a finger.

So completely insulting to his ex who has just poured his heart out to him, he thanks her for getting him horny and tells her he’s off to have sex with his wife.

At home, his wife thinks he’s “fixed” because of his desire for her. He fails to tell her he only got it up thanks to licking his ex-wife’s finger. Would Quinn be happy to hear that? It’s both insulting and degrading.

And what about next time?
Can Eric get it up with Quinn without thinking about his ex-wife?
Will he go visit a love sick Donna and then walk out on her each time she has given him some lustful thoughts?

Can Bell & co ever write storylines that aren’t insulting to women?


Yeah. I haven’t been watching for a good reason.


This is the way Bell writes. It’s awful, but that’s the way it is. Maybe Eric can suggest DDDonna move into the guest house, so he doesn’t have to drive so far when little Eric wakes up.


That was a whole lotta cringe.


So we are supposed to rejoice because Eric’s wiener got hard? Good grief. For a moment there I thought the camera was going to pan down to his zipper. Hey, if they think this is such good stuff, I want to see “it”. LOL


I won’t be watching for a good reason…these writers are sick in the head


What kind of nonsense was that on today’s show? It was awful to watch and I felt like switching it off.


Show was beyond ridiculous–if it was that easy to restore one’s sex drive, honey would not be available or the price of caviar. Then, everyone is talking about Eric’s problem. Don’t they have enough decency not to talk about his problem.

I know this is a soap–however, the writing, the acting has become so ridiculous–I will stick with the British soaps–more fun to watch and you care for the characters.


It’s absolutely insulting to women. Forget Eric. How the hell does an absolute dweeb like Liam constantly have two or more women after him. I would say money, but Steffy and Hope have money. Thomas also. Why would any female want this fugazy weirdo? Ok in his case, Paris or Zoe or Sally would have been after money. So if me, a male feels it’s insulting to women, then I’m sure women feel it as well


True…but the absolute diss to Donna is kinda funny. He seriously did a “thank you for making my Weiner work, now I’m going home to show my wife!”
I’m DONE :rofl:
Donna standing there with her face covered in egg instead of man juice must have been completely humiliating but nothing less than what she deserves for pulling out that rancid honey jar. :sweat_smile:


Nah. I’m just gonna enjoy the humiliation of Honey Bear. Also, watching Brooke’s face explode when she finds out Donna’s milkshake didn’t bring Eric to the yard.


It was completely uncomfortable to watch but is it any different than younger men who watch porn and then want to go at it with their wife?


See now I was all worked up to not watch, and haven’t so far…neve4 thought of watching Donna feel like the idiot she is, but I would love for her to go tell Brooke what just happened….


I stopped watching after Friday’s episode. I ff through a lot of the show anyway especially when Brooke was on. It has to be the worst soap I’ve ever seen and I have watched soaps for years.


It’s EXACTLY the same thing.
I don’t understand Donna. The only one pining for the last decade has been her. Eric moved on with his first wife a long time ago and didn’t give Donna anything but a job answering phones. ( Not EVEN a whole job. She shares a job with his crazy former sister-in-law. :rofl: )
When Stephanie died he STILL didn’t turn to her, he turned to Taylor, even though she made sure he knew she was available. Someone used the word “pathetic” about another character. This behavior is truly pathetic.


that is exactly what just happend lol


:face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I know exactly where you coming from even though it was a very naughty of him, the horny old dog still went straight home to his wife, in fact i would say RAN home to his wife! I am very happy for him and Quinn! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Well…,that was the shortest not watching, but had to see Donna’s reaction……
But what amused me the most was Brooke…my goodness she had the most disgusting looks on her face, they were hilarious. They are the funniest imbeciles ever……


It is totally beyond ridiculous-it is insulting, demeaning and sexist.


I wonder is it love or what those men represent. Look at Victor Newman power man with young women all over him seems that’s what going on with Erie. That portrait tells it all.

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