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I'm about to lose it! A few comments about

Yesterday’s show:
Why on earth do they keep saying “Nelle Benson-Jerome”? I mean everyone knew who she was so why say her WHOLE name? I swear, if it were a drinking game, we all would be alcoholics like Alexis.

Speaking of Alexis, for the first time in a long time she had my attention. They say when your’re drunk, you speak a lot of truths and oh boy did she have much to say to Sam. I cheered when she told her about her “holier-than-thou” attitude. But… and this is a big BUT… I felt sorry for Alexis because she realized how badly she hurt Sam (not that I feel sorry for Sam) Alexis really does need help and she has a long way to go to get there.

Carly with the smugness with the detective: All I can say is WOW!! :astonished:


Sam sees her mother going down a very bad path so she spoke out about it. Calling Alexis on her drinking is not being holier-than-thou. Sam is not the one with the drinking problem, Alexis is. Sam can on occasion be very judgmental and I hate that but this time she is right.

Drunk people tend to get mouthy and nasty. I know this from personal experience with my son when he was drinking heavily. This normally quiet young man turned into a foulmouthed jerk. It didn’t make me love him any less but I sure didn’t like him that way. It is common for an alcoholic to lay blame on everyone else around them, warranted or not. Alexis was wrong and the look on her face after Sam left showed that she knew it. But words matter whether someone is drunk or stone sober! It doesn’t give one the right to hurt the very people whom they need the most. Sam has stood by Alexis through the Julian debacle, the initial bout of alcoholism, and more recently the Neil Byrne mess, yet Alexis repays her by slamming her.

I say let Alexis crawl into her bottle until she reaches the very bottom and then her loved ones can come in and try to help her. Until that time comes just let her stew in her own juice.


Oh I know…I was thinking she meant in general (her attitude at other times) not about the drinking.

Sorry for what you went through w/your son. You are right, alcoholics blame everyone but themselves and I speak from experience too. I was married to one for a VERY short time and had the marriage annulled. The sad thing is that before we were married, the many awful and dangerous traits he presented weren’t there BEFORE we got married. It was like he was hiding his true, awful self until we said “I do.” He was as they say “a very mean drunk” and violent at times. There was no way in hell I was staying in an abuse relationship…no way!!

Anyway, I think I’m just tired of the writers portraying Alexis this way over and over again. I mean with the stroke of a pen, they could have her beat this, but no. It’s like they refuse to. I mean what’s going to happen next, she gets drunk, falls and break her hip b/c of the osteoporosis? Then what? Will that be a wake up call for her? And as much as I don’t care for Sam, I have to wonder if Alexis is jealous of her relationship w/Jason. I only say that because every time they get into an argument, Alexis always brings it up. It’s time for the writers to move on to something different and more entertaining.


Thank goodness you had the fortitude to end that disastrous marriage! Unfortunately I have heard of many cases where a person’s personality completely changed after marriage, and many spouses, due to pride, financial situation, etc. feel they must remain in the marriage and take whatever the other dishes out.

I am so happy to say that my son has not had a drop to drink since 2009. It was a long hard struggle for him and for my husband & I. You know, people will sometimes be concerned if they suspect a person is abusing drugs or if they are smoking too much but seem okay with someone drinking heavily. I don’t understand that. They are all addictive behaviors and people need help to overcome them. I always tried to tell myself that my real son was somewhere trapped inside that alcoholic and that eventually he would come back and thank God he did.

Alexis needs all her family to overcome this. The character deserves far better treatment than these writers have given her.


Amen and I’m so glad your son was able to overcome his addiction.


Sam is really concerned for her mother. Sam loves her mother and doesn’t want her to go down the same old road. I don’t think she was being holier-than-thou at all.


Sam talking to sonny had me scratching my head
She should of gone to juilan and get his advice
Hes the one who was there during her breakdown
Hes the one whom she called when she was tempted
She should of asked juilan how to help alexis
What has sonny done for alexis in the last few years?

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I am happy to hear about your Son…Diva4aday…:heavy_heart_exclamation:

But I think Sam should just let her drown her Sorrows in that bottle…What an a*"…:smirk:

Sam talking to Julian would make me scratch my head. Sonny didn’t hold the knife that killed Alexis’s mother to her throat and threaten to kill her. I thought Julian and Alexis’s had great chemistry but when he used that knife it was just too much for me.

Yet after that hes the one she called to get her from the bar when she wanted to take a drink

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As I recall she called someone else first. When that person didn’t answer she called Julian

That is her name Nelle Benson Jerome she did marry Julian so yeah that is her name

Then Nelle Jerome would be sufficient!

I understand where you are coming from but what you mentioned makes Julian the perfect person to help Alexis. Julian would be the only person in Alexis’ orbit that would be in no position to judge or berate her. Sam loves her mother and doesn’t want her to drink but we also know that Sam can be judgmental at times, as can both Molly & Kristina. Sonny has been where Alexis is now, not with alcohol but with bipolar but he probably could not pass up the opportunity to remind Alexis of her past association with Julian and blame him for sending her to this bad place. Finn can offer AA help and as her friend but he doesn’t know all her past history and emotional & psychological issues.

Julian has proven before that he is concerned about Alexis’ drinking and that he can be supportive and empathetic without being sanctimonious or judgmental. Julian also carries guilt over what he did to Alexis in the past which is an excellent motivator to help her through this rough patch.

I can’t help but agree. You are right.

I guess my real issue is not with Julian helping Alexis but the thought of the two of them ever getting back together. I know how great the chemistry is between the two. I don’t want the writers reminded of that and think that they can put them in a relationship. I feel like too much has happened for them to go back down that road.

But is Julian in the right head space to be able to help anyone? He is worried about Ryan sending that letter to Sonny. Right now he is desperately trying to save himself.

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You know that Sam is such a hypocrit. Both sides of her family are criminals, then she marries a criminal. GH portrays most of the women as having blunders on when it comes to their personal lives. In Sam’s case, it’s okay for Sonny and Jason to have the “coffee business, but not okay for Ava and Julian to exist in the mob world(I cant remember what the Jeromes thing is in the mob world). I’ve been sick of that but whatever.

Also, I think Sonny is so overcome with emotions(grief) with regards to Mike, that he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. Then the thing about Carly(with Nell incident), plus Cyrus. It’s just so much. I’m sure Sonny has definitely been popping his meds through all of this madness because if he wasn’t, Sonny would be out of control.

At this point, I’m just waiting for the bottom to fall out: my love Julian will most likely be blamed for the whole Wiley debacle, JaSam will be no more, Morgan will return and find out that he and Ava share a child(Avery), Cyrus(please kill him), etc…

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I could never see Alexis & Julian in a relationship again either. It would be disingenuous at best.

You are right in that Julian is in quite the mess now. But maybe helping Alexis could at least give him less time to worry about what might or will happen. Whenever I find myself dwelling on a particular problem I have, or worry about a problem I might have sometimes it is best if I find something completely different to do. Then when I return to think about the troubling issue I can be more focused and look at the issue with a clearer lens.

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