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I wish they would bring back

If you could bring back any character who would it be? My answer is Tracy Q. I miss her snarky! She was the queen of the zingers!




Tracy would be great now interacting with Ned. I can only imagine her reaction to finding he had an affair with Alexis.

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Emily she was great and Nick could help from that

I’m just looking forward to the show fleshing out the multiplayer!e ways that returning.Alex.(Anna’s sister), Jackie,Dante, and Holly. So much material.there! But to round things out more.Leisl! And perhaps a guest appearance from Luke and Tracy.

I’d like also to see Skye,Lucky, and Ethan but don’t want too many legacies returning at once.

Welcome to the board. I wasn’t watching when Frisco was originally on and know Jack Wagner better as Peter on Melrose Place.


Dr. Lainey Winters…

FBI Reese Marshalls…

Abby (Michael’s Ex)…even though I do enjoy him with Willow…Note: In Soaps…death can be undone…

Drew Cain


Isn’t Lainey Winters a werewolf?


On…GH…There was an Actress Dr by that name…

Drew Cain and Hayden Barnes. They need to come back, STAT!


I’d love to see the “old Frisco”, not what they did to his charater, he came back for a few days a couple years ago and was just so…unlikeable and serious. Frisco was a hoot,comic relief alot of the time, especially with Robert.

Unfortunately the only Frisco I’ve seen is the one they brought back who walked out on Maxie again. I wish there was a place to subscribe to older episodes.

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Just go on Youtube! Tons of old episodes there and the lovely people that post them have edited them by story line.

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the original actress who played Lois…she was great…I would like to see Jenny Eckart, Emily, Courtney and Stone…Sean Donnally and glad that Holly is back…all are good characters

Unfortunately Rena Sofer and Wally Kurth were divorced around the time Lois left town the first time so I highly doubt she’ll ever come back!? And she’s very much involved in many stories on b&b and seems quite happy!

I do but sometimes the sound or video quality gets wonky on those old clips. I loved when cable had Soap Network. I could leave that on all day.

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Rena has also dabbled in prime time guest spots as well. She seems too busy for a visit to GH.

Yes she’s very busy and rightfully! I just think it would be too awkward for Wally and Rena to act together in a romantic pairing… or in any capacity!?