I want to see Eric vilified for a change

Quinn was vilified by almost all of the involved characters, when her brief and ended affair with Carter was revealed. Even Carter was kind of silent whenever someone criticized Quinn (which I did not like). I want Eric to be vilified in the same way. I don’t want Quinn to catch Eric in the act with Donna and immediately excuse him.

What Eric has done to Quinn was so much worse than what she did to him. The way he strings her along and how he played mind games with her, about his ED.

ED does not get solved by switching partners :roll_eyes: That storyline turned misogynistic really quickly. And since the buxom Donna is the only one that can get Eric’s pickle working, he will never cheat on her like he has done to his other wives.

I want Quinn to get something significant in the divorce. I don’t want to see Eric and Donna living happily and having sex in the FC mansion. Please back burner them if they reunite.


The only one who will vilify Eric would be Quinn. Ridge would just say I’m sorry dad that your marriage is over but it’s Quinn’s fault that you cheated. Brooke would be giggling and planning Donna’s wedding and telling Eric that she told him to divorce Quinn before.


I am so not looking forward to seeing the Logan coven gather and giggle like methed out hyenas, at one of their members helping end yet another marriage.


Well if Bell jr be fair for once everything will blow up in Donna and Eric face and end not the way they expected. I need for both of them to pay. If Eric is leaving the show I hope they let him pass before him and Quinn divorce and she gets everything. I would love to see Donna face after founding out since she’s not a homewrecker. She so damn stupid. Getting on my last nerve.


Quinn was a very good wife to Eric. Did she mess up with Carter? Yes. But I don’t blame her. Her husband witheld his affection from her for what, a year? He lied and told her it was because of her manipulating when it was because he had ED. Then when she is ready to give him a divorce and walk away with nothing, he tears up the papers and confesses his ED.

Quinn decided to go back to this man, knowing he could not satisfy her and support him. This was after he lied to her, vilified her and let his family and the Logans harrass her.

He pimped Carter out to her, knowing she was intimacy starved. Then allowed the Logans to vilify her again. When they ended it again, Eric continued to neglect Quinn. He would run off every chance he got to fornicate with Donna, while Quinn sat at home, worrying about Eric, his health and talking about what an amazing man he is.


I agree with you. I do not want to see Eric divorce Quinn and leave her with nothing and the Logan family win again.


I don’t expect the Forresters and Logans to really lay into him because he’s their family, and they always are more understanding with their family than others.

I think the issue is Quinn has no family. She is a main character and their should be a fourth family on the soap, Quinn’s. Yea she has Wyatt, Flo, and Shauna but they are all off the soap except for Wyatt who shows up once a year now :roll_eyes:. A long lost brother and some nieces and nephews would have been a nice addition to the soap. Then we would have more variety and Quinn would have the support system she deserves.


Yes, all of this and I would probably need a sick bag in order to watch it.

I don’t think Eric would get in trouble either. Because it was Quinn going up against a Logan, Quinn had to be made the bad and Brooke the good, as always. Ridge would do no more than tut tut a little if he found out Eric had been playing away with Donna.


I am going to wonder exactly how Bridget is going to feel when she finds out that while Quinn has been worrying about Eric´s health Eric has been betraying his wife?

JM said that he would only do the ED sl if it was not made into a joke because ED is a serious problem. Well I say the joke is on him because that is exactly what his affair with Donna is doing. It is making a joke out of Eric´s ED as we are suppose to believe that a man that has openly stated that he still loves his wife can not make love to her but can make love to one of his ex wifes. I might have been able to believe that Eric still had feelings for Donna if he had ever shown any interest in reuniting with her since Stephanie past away. Donna has been letting Eric know that she was still interested in him before Quinn ever slept with Carter.


ICAM. Baby Bell and his team just aren’t up to writing solid storyline about serious issues and never have been. We could have had Eric and Quinn going to couple’s therapy or sex therapy and exploring any issues in their marriage, instead it seems Eric is keen to throw away everything he once said he valued about Quinn and fought against the disapproval of his family for Quinn s sake to now want to ditch that and be with Donna just because she made him feel like a man a few times.


Eric was thrown under the bus to free Quinn.

I want to see a strong and fascinating Quinn return.
Wild. Possibly crazy. Irrepressible. But not vengeful.

I’d like to see her soaring above it all, not wallowing in the past.


I’d prefer that Eric’s conscience bother him for once. His cheating with Donna makes no sense because he talked about regretting betraying his family with the cheating he did in the past. Eric stayed in a marriage due to loneliness and Carter is marrying to escape loneliness and to stop Paris from ruining Quinn’s happiness. If Quinn stops Paris wedding, she would deserve it


Sadly Logans And Logan Lovers are never vilified. There is, as it’s often stated, no balance.


Please, clarify - who deserves it? Paris? Quinn?

Or was Quinn thrown under the bus to justify Eric’s cheating? No one not even Quinn has held Eric accountable for his abuse towards her.


Carter had given Paris too much power in thinking that Paris would ruin Quinn and Eric’s marriage. She would’ve had egg on her face once the truth came out about Eric’s cheating.


Eric was vilified by Stephanie. I think people see him as the victim because of how Stephanie could be at times. But, let’s look at Eric.

He cheated on her or had relationships with Brooke, Donna, Beth (I think), Sheila, Lauren, Jacky, and the worse was when she did not realize that the company was actually hers and Eric and then-corporate attorney, Jonathon, hid that from her. She took back her company and got some revenge. She gave a beautiful speech about the beautiful California boy she fell in love with and ended it rather harshly with a knee to the groin. So, Eric is not a victim or a good guy really.


My guess would be Paris. Paris gave Brooke the ammunition to stop Quinn’s and Eric’s renewal vows. Paris claimed she was so concerned about Zoe but never bother to tell her a thing about Quinn and Carter, she told Brooke.


I agree with everything you said.

I want Quinn to demand an ironclad contract with FC which states she cannot be fired for any reason as part of her divorce settlement. I also want her to get
the house. I would love to see Quinn and Carter living their best lives in the house, and I want Carter’s BFF Ridge to be happy for him and his partner/wife Quinn.

I also want Eric to admit publicly he betrayed Quinn from the beginning by not defending her to Brooke and the rest of the family, that he used the excuse of Quinn interfering Brooke and Ridge’s marriage as an excuse not to be with her sexually so he wouldn’t have to admit to his ED which is what drove her to Carter.


If nothing else, i want her to get the house. I want to vomit right now at the thought of Donna portrait hanging in Stephanie and Quinn house.