I thought the Wyatt/Katie sex scenes were bad

But then Liam gives Bill a worlds best dad trophy. I could have fast forwarded most of the show.

I just finished watching it and Ita. I was wondering if my guy Wyatt is using Katie. I didn’t like it at all. His only redeeming moment was when he gave her the earrings saying they could touch her on Christmas when he couldn’t. But I’m like WTH. Why can’t he touch her on Christmas? Is he more afraid of Bill than Katie was afraid of Quinn who left marks on Katie? I guess the earrings are a stepup from the string Ridge gave Katie but WTF??? I’m not liking this at all. Then I was starting to feel affection for Liam who I absolutely cannot stand but then like you said he gave Bill the “World’s best Dad” trophy and I"m like WTH??? World’s best dad? Isn’t this the same man you blackmailed last week cause he’s a no good arsonist who makes his living off blood money. Then Liam compounds it by saying how much he enjoys the perks Bill gives him, the house, the car, the job etc. Every single time I almost feel Liam he immediately blows it but Wyatt??? He better not be using Katie.

Wyatt and Katie have become nauseating. I fast forward all their gross slobbering scenes. Get Wyatt away from Katie. Put him with Ivy or Sally. Give him some good drama, some angst, anything but the Watie barf fest.

wyatt with another woman pining over liam??? no thanks

There is going to be trouble in Katie and Wyatt’s “little Paradise” if…(1) Hope decides to go after Wyatt to get him back, or (2) Bill finds out and puts pressure on, and Wyatt caves and “gives up” Katie or (3) Katie pops up with a “little surprise gift” of her own…namely a little bun in the oven. Any one of these things can cause very big problems between Wyatt and Katie and the happiness they have been enjoying. :confused: :confused: :confused:

If Wyatt had the balls to stand up to Bill and tell Quinn to mind her own business, I would be okay
with the pairing but since he’s acting like a nervous school boy, I think Katie should dump him.

I agree. Watie hiding in the closet while they were getting to know one another intimately was fine. Their personal lives are no one else’s business but…this hiding has gone on way too long unless they are both just using each other for a good time and to get over the one they really love. I’m starting to question Wyatt’s motives though. Is he afraid of Bill? Is he just not that into Katie? Is he just having fun and doesn’t want anything more than that? I’m not sure what he’s doing but I’m not liking the looks of it right now.

They are friends with bennies…I mean he’s way too young besides she probably will end up with dollar again…

Oh for damn sure! She looked ridiculous in that get-up. She really looked so much older than him during that sex romp.

I think she will end up back with Bill, but I think she is falling in love with Wyatt, but He’s “just not that into her”.

i thought katie looked amazing :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Quinn didn’t care that Steffy hated her pairing with Eric.
Bill didn’t care about anyone’s feelings when he pursued Brooke and if Steffy would have him he wouldn’t care about Liam’s feelings.
I don’t know why Wyatt is so concerned about what everyone will think,

Wyatt is only using Katie for sex… He won’t take her out in public. How romantic… :wink:

I would like Wyatt and Katie much better if they would just go public with their relationship. What is there to fear? Look at all of the horrendous scandals every single one of their relatives have been involved in. Not sure why they think their relationship is so much worse. Maybe it is because those horrendous trumpets, horns, bugles, etc. (whatever they are) start blaring every time they start to take their clothes off.

I thought she looked good too. :smiley:

and im not even a katie fan but with wyatt i like her