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I’m no Katie fan but

How is it between Brooke and Katie, Brooke is the one being comforted and the only time Donna even mentions going to see Katie is on behalf of Brooke?! Shame on you Donna!

I can’t say I’m surprised, Donna always sides with Brooke but still shame on her!


I thought the same thing when I was watching. She should be protecting her younger vulnerable sister as opposed to her older trashier sister who has caused said younger sister the same heartache multiple times. JMHO.


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one does have to feel for katie first brooke and bill make a fool out of her now it turns out sally is making a fool out her!
could this be because some of us believe that Katie for all her faults is a better matriarch than Brooke ever will be!


Their whole scene was a waste of time…
Does Donna not see it looks like she is trying to fix it for Brooke?
And off course the loyal minion she is, she actually plans on doing it. WOW!

If Brooke really had any idea what she has done, she would have given Katie space. Lots of it.


Exactly! Someone needs to be there for Katie and who’s it gonna be when her only remaining sister has no loyalty to her. It seems Steffy is the closest thing Katie has to a friend which is pretty sad considering their history.

All bashing aside though, I seriously do wonder what has to be going through Donna’s empty little head to have her thinking that Brooke is the sister she should be standing by? If I were Katie, I would not only consider Brooke’s behavior a betrayal but Donna’s as well.


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Brooke truly does not get that she has done anything wrong even Quinn when taunts her it like water off a ducks back! Brooke just does not get it and i think she never will.


Brooke acts as though Quinn took her lips and planted them on Bills lol she seriously thinks that she did nothing wrong and this is all just a misunderstanding. If I didn’t hate Brooke so much, I would pity her. Her entire way of thinking is so pathetic that it’s embarrassing.


I watched that episode … Bill clearly is the one that kissed her … she was rattling on about Ridge and Bill blah blah blah complaining about Ridge not being there for her … We all know Brooke is needy … I’m just saying she didn’t jump him … he had ulterior motives going there … just like he did with Steffy … he seems to pursue woman at the most vulnerable time … Quinn is going to end up the loser in all of this mess.


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today it seems to be sinking in a bit but she keeps using the word innocence just a little to much, as if to say it was an innocence kiss which it was not! an innocence kiss would have been a peek on the cheek or forehead even if bill was giving her a hug! such a big difference and one you could talk your way out of but the kiss was passionate and went well over time because if it had not then Shauna would have not had the time to film it! Brooke is in denial! we back here in 6 weeks or less even if she and ridge reunite!
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Katie is the one being hurt, Brooke was the one causing the pain. You have to wonder if Dum-Dum Donna would be quite so magnanimous if Brooke had been making out with her fiancee? Why isn’t Donna sticking up for Katie, why does everyone have to constantly forgive Brooke? I wouldn’t blame Katie one bit if she told both Brooke and Donna to go kick rocks!


NO. Katie maybe the better person but she hasn’t got the spine or the brains to be a matriarch. Could you imagine anyone making a fool out of Stephanie 3 times in a row…she would have ripped their head off the second time, there wouldn’t have been a third!


Yep, kick them both to the curb. Who needs enemies when you have 2 sisters like that FGS?


If Brooke and Bill hadn’t been having a make out session in the garden shed there would be no video to show. But this is typical Brooke, everything she does is some one else’s fault. I was waiting for her to blame Thomas and sure enough I didn’t have to wait long. Brooke is the eternal victim, she has the eternal victim mentality, deny deny deny and then when faced with evidence blame some one else. You would think after all these years she would have learned but nope!


If Brooke had kept her tush in the chair the kiss would probably never have happened. Brooke wasn’t satisfied with the words of support. Brooke wanted more. Brooke could have got up out of the chair and gone to check on the baby but no she got up out of her chair and started towards Bill. Bill then rose and as Brooke continued to approach he but his arms around her. IMO Brooke and Bill both leaned into the kiss at the same time. That was a kiss or passion not a kiss of comfort.

Why should Brooke have been vulnerable. Ridge had been busy kissing Brooke each time that he came over since they signed the divorce papers. Ridge had been doing nothing but let Brooke know that he wanted things to work out between them. Ridge had even stopped kissing Shauna.

If Shauna had filmed the whole scene I don’t think that Katie would be able to buy the explanation that the kiss just happened.

Ridge had told Quinn that it wasn’t so much about the kiss because he had been kissing Shauna but it was about who Brooke choose to kiss. Ridge was hurt by the fact that Brooke was kissing Bill but I also believe that he was upset because Brooke was once again betraying her sister.

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Eric made a fool out of Stephanie many times over. How many affairs did Eric have when he was with Stephanie and how many times did she take him back?

I guess that you don’t have to learn when everyone keeps forgiving you over and over for the same mistakes.

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Agreed! Katie is the better person COMPARED to Brooke yes but she is no matriarch, none of the Logans are. In all honesty, there’s not a single character on the show that can fill Stephanie’s shoes.


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true enough, the late Mrs Forrester certainly would have!

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