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I love jill!

Just now watching yesterday’s show when Jill is talking to Amanda and Devon and as she’s standing up, said in a forceful manner, I can get over ANYTHING! I FELT her strength! I even re-watched it, BRAVO to Jess Walton, such a brilliant actress! :clap: :heart:

And the weird thing is that I’ve been feeling that way too. I figured out what works for me and that is to Flip the Switch in my mind when it starts drifting off to painful past memories or anything negative for that matter. I stop myself, Flip the Switch and I’m right here in the here and now, in THIS moment.

Of course it’s Spring here and such lovely scenery too, it’s very easy. Anyway, it just makes me feel empowered and where I need to be, keeping it between the lines! :rofl:

Oh no, being Quarantined has NOTHING to do with this post! :joy:


I like Jill too. She was great on the scenes with Katherine… They should get Jill and Jack together and then Jill finds out Dina is faking and let them go toe to toe…


I couldn’t correct the Topic Title, anyway, it’s I Love Jill! :grin:

funny , you never struck me as not being in control or weak. From what little I have gathered just from reading your post, you have been through enough crap to know what matters ,sure you’ve had moments where you thought crap can’t beat this thing but deep down the fighter in you emerged and helped you win . Some people don’t recognize the fighter because it is something that wears a different identity for each occasion as needed.


oooooh , now that is a great spin , love it

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Forgot to say I have always adored Jill, she has moxy


Well Thank Ya! :heart_eyes: Just like watching Sharon and this BC S/L, when I start drifting back to those dark thoughts, I have to snap myself out of it, it literally makes me sick to my stomach and I have NO idea WHY I’m watching it! :rofl: And Traci’s cry over Dina, it tore at my soul, maybe I shouldn’t be watching soaps when I can’t go shopping! LMAO!

I saw a meme on FB that said, I never realized the only hobbies I have is eating out and spending money. :joy:


I have moments when I love Jill and moments when I hate her. Always loved her scenes with Kathryn.


Oh yeah, I forgot about those, like how she use to put Billy down so much and others. It does seem like she’s shaking Colin off without a problem though and is Good to Go with some Vim and Vigor!

I truly would like to see her happy with Jack, just having fun and being friends, I like their current friendship.

Omg!! Why didn’t I think of the fact that Dina could be faking her condition and Jill will somehow find out!! Then Dina and Jill will have conflict much like she did with Ms. Chancellor. Remember Jill and Dina also had a history when they hated each other and faught over John Abbott and the Abbott mansion. Not only do we need Jill back in a conflict, but it will also bring Marla Adam back to the forefront as Matriarch and extend her stay as well!!


It took me a while to warm up to Dina, I like/love the character but hated the pain she caused her family. But I love the actress and she could be a woman to be dealt with, that’s for sure, if they hadn’t brought her back for this S/L. :frowning:

I agree. Marla Adam is she’s such a kick a$$ mature actress. The only way I can see her way out of this Alzheimer story is if they simply write it that she had been faking it the whole time. Remember this is the great Dina Mergeron we’re talking about. If she abandoned her family all those years ago, then she certainly is capable of faking an illness, maybe as a way to winning her family’s love and sympathy. Since Jack and Jill are getting back closer, a spiteful Dina will do anything to keep Jill away from her precious Jacky!! Put Marla Adam’s and Jess Walton in scenes together and this Abbott family drama will be off the chain!


Yes it would! :dizzy_face:

I saw a meme that said (paraphrasing) after spending 2 weeks with myself, I apologize to everyone I know :rofl: :joy:

The last few weeks I stumbled on some old scenes when BD played Jill. She seemed so “campy”, and then watching JW’s Jill. I remember way back when JW took over, I couldn’t see her as Jill. But now I can’t see BD as Jill. JW has definitely owned the role.

Jill and Katharine scenes are classic, never to be replaced. But I’m intrigued by the speculation of Dina and Jill pitted against each other. I don’t usually like fan fiction, but that is a fantastic idea!

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Jill is an amazing character.