I know a lot of folks doesn’t like the SL’s but

We have to praise B&B this was literally the whitest soap on T.V for years. Even being the sister soap of Y&R who for as long as I’ve been watching had major black Characters.

But B&B For years now have and had characters of color in major SL and not just being a BFF to some one is awesome.

But Carter and Paris so dumb!!!


They have tried so hard with the character of Paris and it has been rather painful to watch. EDI is important. Chemistry is important. Sometimes it helps to recast the role or create a new one while losing the one that never worked.


I wish they had done Paris/Carter differently.

I thought it would have been interesting if a young Paris went after the older Carter who wasn’t interested in her. She kept making moves on him to the point he files a sexual harrestment with HR.

It would be a business issue since he is COO and she was hired on his advice. It would be a social issue but a reverse situation with the woman harrassing the man.

Plus Bell had successful characters of color in the past and simply didn’t write for them the way they should have.

I loved Sasha with Thomas. Bell never gave them a chance.
I loved Nicole. They changed her from conniving to honest to a fault young woman.
I loved loved loved Vivian.

I also know it was the actresses and their amazing talents which brought to the characters. I don’t know why Bell under used these actresses but he did which is sad since they are talented and brought his characters to life more then he realized.

The same can be said regarding Justine, Zoe, and all the other actors of color.

The character of Paris is not clicking with viewers. It has nothing to do with the beautiful Diamond White. The storyline is not working because it is not believable.


By the way, I think that Sexual harassment suit, will probably make its way back to the forefront if Carter and Paris do not get married.

Who would bring the suit? Both wanted the other until Grace interfered.

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If Carter leaves Paris for Quinn she might be scorned and go after him .

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I can absolutely see this happening. She already threatened to go to Eric and Ridge when she assumed Carter still had feelings for Quinn so who’s to say she won’t go Fatal Attraction if Carter leaves her at the altar.

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I can’t praise the show just because they have people of color when the writing for them are horrible.


I think it is bad line reading from DW. There were two sentences Paris said to Zende that were appropriate but she rushed them and they sounded flat. It was something like “I’m so glad to see you. I didn’t think you’d come.” Easy lines, bad delivery. Followed by believable delivery of a line from Paris to Grace. Please, Someone, help her run lines.

Exactly :+1:t3:

Paris and Carter = Zero SL

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