I knew it, I knew it

I knew Katie would be next on Sheila S__T list. She heard Bill say he will leave Sheila if Katy take him back. I just hope Katy or Carter will not be injured.


I hope Katie was able to record Sheila’s threats so this story can get over


I hope Shelia uses some silver bullets when she goes after Katie, no more wire hangers.


I think it would be fun if Sheila kidnapped Katie and held her in the attic or basement (take your pick.)
And then eventually Bill figures it out, rescues Katie and they get back together.
To expose Sheila (and finally have her arrested), Katie hides while everyone acts like they have finally agreed to ‘accept’ Sheila and she has everyone over for dinner. With everyone gathered around the room, Bill makes a toast to Sheila, but ends up exposing her kidnapping of Katie and that the threat of Taylor shooting him is no longer valid (they have made a deal with Det. Baker.)

Everyone toasts to her downfall as Det. Baker, his unit, and Katie file into the room where she is arrested.


I like katie … She’s always been a strong woman. She doesn’t take mess from anyone


Except Bill and Brooke m. So her so called strength, I don’t buy.

Right! LOL. Silver bullets, holy water, sunlight, crucifix, garlic ect. Those Logan bottom feeders are hard to kill.