I hope they are not think Quin and Carter are a super couple!

I hope she is not going to stop the wedding with undying love because i could care Less.

The writer dropped the SL months ago and now nothing is going on an they pick it up again.

Paris mom so turning out to be the Sane one after all. Carter is using Paris.

Eric and Donna at weird to watch also. FF

It would be good if Quinn gets there and they are married so she decides Paris shouldn’t get hurt because of their mistakes. Eventually Carter finds out that Quinn’s marriage is over but Quinn tells him to stay with Paris because he said he wanted a family and Paris can give him that and she can’t. Eric realizing that his selfishness has caused all this heartache, ed returns before he marries Donna. Ridge had asked Eric if he knew he’d loved Donna, why didn’t he just end the marriage to Quinn when he realized that? Meanwhile, Quinn is in working and not showing any anger towards anyone. Thomas secretly befriends Quinn. Thomas and Quinn start working closely together and they discuss it what single parenthood is like. Thomas buys a house and he lets Quinn live there. He and Quinn spend long hours working and just talking together. Thomas starts getting Douglas more and more. Eric tries to talk to Quinn she refuses. Douglas me tuins to hope that Quinn is living with his dad. Everyone assumes they have become lovers but they haven’t. One of the things they had discussed was how steffy was going to have to keep Finn’s memory Alice for Hayes, Thomas starts to feel guilty for pushing Douglas to replace Caroline. Thomas starts talking to Douglas about who his mother was. Thomas tells hope that it’s time for Douglas to live with him. The Logan’s blame Quinn and tell Eric she’s attacking the family. Quinn tells Eric she isn’t playing those games anymore and she and Thomas are friends and roommates, nothing more. Quinn is tells Thomas she doesn’t want to cause him any problems si he she moves out. Meanwhile, Paris starts to want Zendesk again but she’s pregnant from Carter.


I would prefer no relationship at all between Thomas and Quinn.

Thomas can take inspiration from Steffy.
Thomas needs a romance ASAP, not next fall.

I wanr to see Quinn happy whether it is with Carter or not. Quarter was hot. I think the whole Deric stor6was just to make Quinn the victim and vindicate her choosing Carter. I s it too late for fans? Possibly.

Paris didn’t want to rush into marriage with Zende. But will suddenly rush into marriage with Carter. Who does not live her? Don’t love Zende, but he deserves better.

Thomas needs more time with Douglas. Full custody even. But, punishing Hope is not the way to help Douglas. Custody needs to happen in a way that Douglas feels loved by all the adults in his life. And Thomas deserves a new romance and storyline.

Maybe it’s time for a Quinn Bill Taylor triangle.


Quinn and Bill had there time. It’s over now.

I absolutely love Quinn and Carter. Can’t wait for there love story. I hope it will lead to a Quarter engagement and wedding :heart:


Eric and ditzy Donna another rehash…don’t like rudge busy body Grace


I don’t think the writers dropped the Quarter s/l. I see Quarter possibly becoming a super couple considering the steady flow of angst they’ve been given.

First Eric pretending to want his wife back.

Then insisting Carter take his place in the bedroom.

More angst when Eric stopped having Carter replace him in the bedroom.

And now the most recent angst when Quinn finds out Eric has been deceiving her all along with Donna.

All Quinn and Carter’s heartache has been for nil.

On the other side of the spectrum, Eric has been abusing Carter. Remember when Eric insisted the COO take that portrait of Quinn off the wall? Then having Carter service his wife.

Carter has felt like a Judas for betraying Eric when all along Eric has been the abuser just so Eric could feed his own ego having two women wanting him at the same time.

Now there’s more angst for Quarter. Will Quinn find out about Deric in time to stop the wedding? Will Carter marry Paris? I guess what happens between Caris depends on whether or not Quarter becomes an epic love story or whether it’s the end and Quinn moves on with say … Bill.

Grace is a self serving obsessed gold digging social climbing hypocrite. She thinks it’s okay for Zende to marry Paris when Paris doesn’t love him but not okay for Carter to marry Paris when Carter doesn’t love her.


I think they are a super couple especially now with Eric’s on going disloyalty and dishonesty.


That’s not the definition of a super couple.


I need Paris to be related to Carter and only Grace knows. That would explain Grace’s attitude ( anger touched with fear ) and keep Paris and Carter apart when it is revealed. Make them cousins or even half-sibs. Paris and Zoe don’t look alike. Maybe Paris is from Grace and Carter’s dad?? You guys won’t like this, I know, but work with me here because they are clearly keeping Paris on this show. Hair and all.

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I didn’t give a definition of “super couple”. :roll_eyes:


No comment. Have a nice day.


After what Eric did I for sure want Quinn with Carter. Especially after she put her feelings for Carter a side to work on her marriage just for that mutt Eric to do that to her. Quinn and Carter have great chemistry and would to see their relationship go to another level.

Paris I don’t care what happens to her and her feelings. Just like how she didn’t care for Zende owns. That what she gets for putting Carter before a man she knew truly loved her. I don’t want her to get pregnant or nothing, I just want this story to be over between her and Carter.

Thomas needs a good storyline. Maybe he can start something with Katie. Which will piss Bill and Brooke off which in return makes me smile.


I really dislike Carter now. I hope Quinn doesn’t end up with him.


Carter doesn’t like Carter now. I think that’s the point.


Quarter are the only couple worth watching on this show and for pete’s sake, it’s about Thomas got his son back and found himself a romance. Move this show along, people!!


Quinn is one of my faves. Is there a male on the show that currently outshines Carter? If so who and why.


I understand what your saying about Paris. I don’t know why they continue to make her hair and actions stand out and not in a good or flattering way. Why are viewers seeing yellow puffs at the roots of her extensions and the color and length does not look good. Lol

Her and Carter should ready be related.

I was thinking the same thing.

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Quinn is also one of my favourites, but I have to agree with Lynn…
She doesn’t need anyone else just yet…wait till a man who really deserves her comes along….not carter….he is a man who thinks about what he wants and doesn’t care who he hurts to get it…I don’t like paris, but I don’t think she deserves to be used by carter the way he is using her…


They already had sex, I don’t think the writers would go there

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Carter is too weak willed for a strong woman ike Quinn. He’'s knuckled under to the Forresters and is now allowing himself to enter a marriage he doesn’t really want because he won’t stand up for himself. Quinn deserves better than that.