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I guess EJ has amnesia and the writers think we do, too ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

I found it stupid how EJ completely forgot all Sami did to him and Stefano in the past when she and Kate teamed up and took DiMera away from them both. Sami even left him to rot in jail when she found out EJ slept with Abby. And even Belle said it herself that she couldnโ€™t believe EJ didnโ€™t think Sami was a conniving biotch. EJ painted Sami as such a saint. And then that stupid outburst as Nicole had left where he flung everything off the desk like heโ€™s just in utter shock. Speaking of Belle, how is she so chummy with EJ after all he had done to John (her own dad) โ€ฆyou know, when he had John opened up and tried to cut out and sell his organs? See, these writers are so idiotic to believe we forget these things. Itโ€™s funny how they pick and choose past things to remember or forget.


There is also the fact that EJ framed John for the insurance fraud.

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EJ also has forgotten all the rotten things he did to Sami namely raping oh yes I forgot wanting SEX with Sami while Lucas was pinned under the beam and said baby aka Johnny was supposed to be a donor too for Stefano. Belle works for Dimera because of Chad. Belle even gave back the money Sami gave her to Chad.


Yeah, youโ€™re right about all of that! And yeah, I remember she worked for DiMera bc of Chad but itโ€™s just weird how buddy buddy she is with EJ. She acts like EJ deserves better than Sami when heโ€™s done some really bad things or even worse. I was thinking when she brought up how Sami got Jan out of the asylum, the one person who tormented her, I was thinking hmmโ€ฆlike EJ tormented her family for years? I wonder why since sheโ€™s so buddy buddy with EJ she didnโ€™t bring up Sami doing all of the things to him and trying to sell her on the black market.

Iโ€™m sure if they brought it up again, they would just say Stefano was the one who framed John.

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Remember when EJ met with John in some abandoned place out of town and tried to kill him? Remember when EJ took over the illegal drug business?

Of course, most characters have done a lot of terrible things, yet, in order to keep the stories going, many things have to change or be forgotten or else the characters would have to be let go and new ones brought in. Just as ages are fluid, so are soap relationships and histories.

I think they could still keep EJโ€™s history in tactโ€ฆbut they make it too much a plot device and not character driven like the old days. Thatโ€™s the difference today. Everything is bent to the storyline and not kept true to the character they are. But the way they had John greet EJ and offered to let him stay at the Penthouse was too much and over the top idiocy to me given everything EJ did to him.


Really, is it Johnโ€™s inoperable aneurysm that makes him such an idiotโ€ฆor is he just an idiot? :grinning:


EJ and Sami had gotten past all that before he supposedly died. He was treating her bad because the meds that brought him back had a bad affect on him.

I was thinking about the same thing. The writers are forgetting the history of the show.

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That wasnot rape she had a choice
She could of driven until she found help
Of ej wasnot on the road that night would she of let lucas die or keep driving
People need to stop throwing around the word rape like a ball

Sorry but Sami really didnโ€™t have a choice. No phone service, no one around except for EJ, if she drove off, maybe EJ would have done something to Lucas while she wasnt there to watch. Maybe she could have had car trouble because wasnโ€™t it snowing when this happened. She didnโ€™t know if Lucas had any internal bleeding so โ€ฆ I mean she could have said no but then if something worse happen to Lucas she would have felt guilty. Just because she let gave in to EJโ€™s demand, doesnโ€™t make it consensual.


She still had a choice. There may not have been good options either way but she had a choice.

A choice whether to let Lucas die or sleep with EJ to save Lucas, itโ€™s rape, period. If Iโ€™m blackmailing you to save your loved oneโ€™s life, then you are being coerced against your will. Anytime sex is used as a weapon, itโ€™s rape. How is it any different if your spouse came up to you and said you either sleep with me or I will slit your throat and kill you? Not a whole lot of options.


EJ was wrong for giving her just those two options but there was still two options. She chose sex and she must have enjoyed it because she married the man. Rape is when it is forced and you arenโ€™t given a choice.

Everyone has forgotten all the bad things Ej did. You have to leave it at the door. Same goes for Kristen. How many times did Brady forget? Common thing on this soap.

Ironically Ciara is the only one who remembers the bad things and she has amnesiaโ€ฆforgot the good from Ben. lol.

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LOL thatโ€™s true.

It was rape.

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I would call that being forced and not given a choice.

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To be honest here, I donโ€™t think the current writers knows the real EJAMI. The real EJ would not cared of Lucasโ€ฆ