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I forgot how cruel Sami can be!

Okay I can kind of see Sami helping expose Nicole’s drunkard twist with Zander BUT did she ever take in account of how it would hurt her brother?? She wins hands for the most selfish, vindictive, hypocritical b#%$h of ALL time!!


I totally agree. What a nasty piece of work she is.


I have never liked Sam from day one… couldn’t stand the way she treated her sister and Lucas… I just couldn’t like her…she is the queen of B—chs…I can wait til Lucas or Philip lets her have it with her little secret… with Lucas… she deserves it…


What goes around, comes around. Watch out Sami- your comeuppance is right around the corner!


I am waiting with popcorn in hand for Sami’s day of reckoning! Karma is coming for you Sami and it will be so fun to watch!


SAME HERE!!! That was painful as hell to watch. Nicole didn’t deserve any of this.
But DAMN… the drama is insane right now. Most entertaining soap on daytime, HANDS DOWN.
This is HIGH STAKES storytelling and it affects every character in the story in some way and it will have ripple effects for the next year if not more.
I’m still just trying to process it all…
I mean… Sami really didn’t think this through.
She SERIOUSLY doesn’t think Nicole won’t get vengeance?


Sami has every right to hate Nicole…but this was too much.


Yeah but Sami should have gotten back at “Nicole” ONLY, not involve her brother in on it…not hurt him the way that she did, whether I felt him knowing the truth was for his on good or not…


I love to hate Sami. AS is freaking awesome! The looks she was giving during the blow up and then again when EJ was questioning her. She is bad bad bad!


Payback will be sweet. I hope Marlena disowns her. Hurting her brother intentionally like that.


How could you forget how cruel Sami is? She has done equally cruel things many times. I love this character because of all her many layers, including cruelty. It makes her do much fun to watch.

Yes I had forgotten…she’s been gone for a while, but no one can do BAD as good as Sami! That’s why it is going to be just as sweet to watch what she has coming to her…

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Priest Eric ain’t so saintly himself. And Nicole deserves all Sami gives simply because of Sydney! I hope Johnny doesn’t let her off the hook like the rest of Sami’s family has

You forget, Nicole saved Johnny’s life when he was younger by spotting the cancer growing in one of Johnny’s eyes. Because of Nicole, Johnny only lost one eye, not both and they were able to catch the cancer in time to save his life. That was why EJ forgave Nicole about Sidney plus he has done so much worse to Sami than Nicole and yet every wants them together as a couple. I just don’t get it, why EJ gets a pass but everyone says how awful Nicole’s actions were.

Same with Sami, no one cuts her any slack :sunglasses:

She’s going to get her karma when EJ finds out that she slept with Lucas. (I haven’t been watching lately, so maybe he already knows.) Still, she’s a world-class hypocrite.

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I cut Sami plenty of slack but when she is in the wrong, I call her on it too. She was in the wrong this time. She purposely set out to destroy Nicole and Eric’s marriage knowing she had a cheating secret of her own. Now karma is coming for her and she deserves it. Just like Nicole deserved her date with karma when she was busted for her crimes. I still love Nicole even when she does bad things too, just like you love Sami when she is wrong too.