I did not understand what happened to Li's car

I am sorry if there is another topic about that, but I did not understand what happened.
The car was on fire, and I do not why Li went to the sea…

So first how the car was on fire ?

Second how Li went to the sea ? I mean I understand that she had difficulties to see the road, but to reach the sea and fall inside I am not convinced.


Sheila hit the back of the car and it caught on fire then plunged into the water. For some reason I feel that Li is not dead. She comes back to take Sheila down. It is time for Sheila to pay for her sins!


It was mentioned on another thread, the possibility of oxygen (supplies for Finn) being in Li’s car. It almost looked like something exploded. To me it looked like she drove off a pier, which didn’t make sense to me. The scenes of the highway and them driving were so brief, it was hard to tell where they were.

There were other cars on the bridge so why didn’t someone notice a ball of fire behind them or even it going off the bridge. Surely someone would have reported it.


I missed a lot of Y&R and B&B due to January 6 stuff. So is Li dead? What happened to Sheila? Was she able to drive a crashed car back to Finn? Have we seen her or Finn since then? I read Li died in a “fiery crash” but they don’t seem to say she is off canvas for good…or even off canvas.

When you hit the back of a car, it does not catch on fire. So I still don’t understand.

Yes I read that, but I’m not convinced, how it could explode ? The scene is not clear at all.

Yes so true, but once again the writers will erase all these elements…

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Oh sry. My guess is equipment for Finn. Like oxygen tanks. That would explain the sudden explosion on impact from Sheila’s car.

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