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I am SOOO sick of this.. (maybe spoilers for some)

Ok, with the news that Daniel Jonas is coming back from the dead (after donating his heart) I am now SERIOUSLY pissed off. Remember we have had half the town come back like this MULTIPLE times, and Jack donated organs and even he came back, ditto Stefan, who is also returning.

They can’t say it wasn’t Daniel’s heart that Brady got either, because the story in January 2016 was that ‘cell memory’ led Brady to have those dreams which eventually had him track down Summer Townsend in California!!

I am so sick of this crap - the unimaginative stories, the copying plot details from other soaps (birthmarks tipping off a baby switch was done on Y&R thirty years ago) and also REWRITING and REBOOTING absolutely anything they please!

I read that Ron Carlivati boasted on Twitter that Days had already taped some of November sweeps prior to production going dark due to the pandemic – so truly an eight month advanced taping schedule, if not more.

This whole show is on autopilot with ridiculously antiquated stories about “The Phoenix” and his “Queen of the Night” while in the real world people are dying and hospitals are overwhelmed. Meanwhile, when General Hospital gets back to work they will have the chance to really CONNECT with their viewers by mentioning the coronavirus in their scenes.

I see nothing but Days ratings dropping further to 1.1s next with this out-of-style writing and deaftone response to audience input.

LuvBoHope, I look forward to your on-point analysis of out-of-character storylines and failing ideas for quick success, which haven’t worked for years…


I think Daniel Jonas, is only one thing only…a April Days Fools Episode, considering that Leo and Sheila is in it. Of Leo, that is what I am bummed about. I do agree with the ratings going lower. Even thou, Stevano is a “out of a box idea”, it’s not appealing to those. Should have done that with Chad and Gabi, and Abby not knowing full details. Even Gabi as well. Have Mickey, be Xander’s kid with Kristen. Anyway, Days has to do a lot better.


Then why do the soaps allow it to get built up into something that it’s not? Don’t say he’s back… same thing happened with Summer!


either some April Fools spoof or maybe just comes back to visit in a vision??

Maybe to visit and console Maggie. :unamused:

Anyone knows if hes coming back as a ghost to someone ?

I have to agree with everything you said. I was watching it today with 15 minutes preemptions in the beginning and I was so disgusted that I had to ff through a lot of it. Watching Steve makes me want to vomit. I am so turned off to this b.s. Watching robo Chad isn’t even comical it’s pathetic. Enough of this s/l. I’m convinced Corday isn’t interested in keeping this show going anymore and wants it to fail.


So it appears that he was back only for the April fools episode… decided to skip it and not watch it

I just posted that I was a week’s worth of epis behind, caught up, and thoroughly enjoyed them! I loved the DiMeara Wives and I thought the wedding was hysterical, Tony and Kristen’s remarks and antics. :grin:

I thought all of the actors did a great job! I think I was allowing negative posts to deter me from watching cause I thought Days must be God Awful so why watch? Not, loved it!


Well you missed my favorite part, LEO and his SUIT! :rofl:


I found it! And yes I totally agree :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure where the notion that soaps have to reflect real life comes from. All of the story lines are over the top and not many of the characters are realistic. I enjoy some characters/pairings and story lines and ff through the rest. I must say though, let Stephano rest in peace and stop bringing people back from the dead. Dopplegangers have pretty much run their course too. Although Hattie has been more interesting this time around.


Yes but its how its done that’s the problem… constant back from the dead and the babyswitch was stale…
Hi luvbohope… u found us : )

Great post, “ghxfan198”! I’m on board with all of it! The only exception I, personally, would make of course because of MY favorite character/couple would be to bring Bo back if at all possible (but ONLY if kept true to himself with decent story material)! They definitely DO overdo return-from-the-dead characters - no question - but the ONLY one who would make a positive difference for the show would be Bo who didn’t donate his organs LOL!

As I’ve expressed ad nauseum as you know is I can’t stand the way they change history & well known characters to run another sl! That’s a turnoff to me like outlandish fantasy like redeeming serial killers because they hit on a “hot” couple! I’m sick of them sticking with things that fail (and I don’t exactly call the serial killer reformation to the show’s latest hero as a big hit - they COULD VE hit gold with these two but dropped the ball instead of writing a compelling love story for them!

Didn’t mean to start my soapbox but I often do LOL! Great post here! I enjoyed reading!

I think the whole April Fools day show was a hoot! What a fun day and so fast paced… I loved it and thought it was refreshing! I almost wish they could’ve done a weeks worth… would’ve been fun!


At the same time, lazy writing has made this the new normal. All they do on this show lately is play out bits and pieces of a story, with emphasis on the climax… but the climax is pointless without a proper foundation and buildup. This baby switch story is a perfect example. This was a pointless, useless, lazy story with no compelling elements.

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I skipped that day. Too stupid

What bugs me was… WHERE WAS XANDER & BRADY??? Now that would have been a hoot there…

ghx, I’m with you on sl’s needing a solid foundation and compelling elements for us to become interested. The problem is that a lot of viewers think a foundation and build up to the climax is only dragging the story out. They are the “slam, bam, thank you mam” fans.

Yep - this is one of the things I’ve been “whining” about and pounding home for a LONG time now - NO story development but, along with that, this writing team fails to develop characters OR couples - it’s the “slam, bam” thing!

Dragging out stories is MUCH better than the rushed sl’s with NO foundation & depth IMO! One tires often (but, hey - THAT is what daytime drama is more about) waiting for the climax but it’s a WHOLE lot better than the rush IMO - anxiously awaiting for the good to happen, etc. Another problem - “good” doesn’t often happen anymore because evil & villains are today’s focus & stars! What a drastic change from the good times WITH the “solid foundation”!