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Man Analise (Viola Davis) is sleeping with a hot Woman and a Hot Guy.

The 4 combined love scenes they had With the gay guys, Analise and the Cop and The female students with there BF’s was awesome.

I didn’t know this board existed! Chalk it up to being lazy about looking through the whole site. Anyway, Season 3 kicked off a few weeks ago.

So Annalise and those crazy kids are at it again. As of this post, we are 3 episodes in and yes, the “who the hell is getting away with murder” loop is still going.

  1. What is the real reason for Oliver breaking up with Conner? He stole his acceptance letter to Stanford because he didn’t want Conner to leave. Then he breaks up with him? Conner was dead set against Oliver working for Annalise yet Oliver asks Annalise for a job. I’m not sure I can trust him.

  2. Annalise was devastated after she looked under the sheet. I think she reacted the way she did because it may be Nate or Wes.

  3. So who’s under the sheet! Right now we know who isn’t. Annalise, Bonnie and Oliver.

  4. There’s another person in the house, with a weak pulse. Who could it be?

No one can accuse this show if being boring (IMO). :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we can add to the list of who “isn’t under the sheet”.

We Frank in a run down motel room when someone knocks on his door. It’s some woman who seems to want to get in and get out. She asks him if he has the money and makes a comment about blowing something up. Frank shows her the money and she hands him what looked like a propane torch.

So my 1st question was: is Frank the one who blew up Annalise’s house?

Next we see Frank in a prison using the name Kevin and working as a janitor. He tried to use a keycard to get into the medical ward and a nurse caught him. Later on, he seduces that nurse and steals her keycard. Some time later Frank enters the room of some sickly old guy in a hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask. And that propane torch I thought he bought from the woman at the motel is actually Hydrogen Sulfide. Frank switches the tubing for the oxygen with Hydrogen Sulfide and kills the old man. The old man is Bonnie’s father!!

2nd question: Why would Frank kill Bonnie’s father? This guy looked as if he were already on his death bed.

Frank spent time in jail and Sam and Annalise helped him. I wonder what he did.

I thought it was crappy of Laurel to tell Wes about his surprise birthday party. She could have said anything else to cover up her trying to contact Frank to throw Wes off.

I didn’t know Nate knew nothing about Annalise and Eve. But I’m happy he confronted Annalise about her drinking and how she uses him and everybody else.

So we still have no clue about who is under the sheet. But we now know it isn’t Laurel as she was the person they found alive in the house. Turns out, she’s also pregnant.

3rd question: Is she pregnant with Frank’s baby?

I’ll be devastated if Wes is under the sheet. :open_mouth:

I told ya Annalise put a hit out on Frank. :open_mouth:

I do believe it was Frank that blew up Annalise’s house.

I think Frank killed Bonnie’s father because while he is getting revenge on everyone, he figures he may as well do it all and do it good. Her father molested her and was horrible to her, and at one time he and Bonnie had a thing and I think he still at least cares for her enough to want to make that evil man hurt like hell, whether he is dying or not.

Yeah, Laurel should have kept her mouth shut about Wes’s party, but I guess being an almost lawyer, she just isn’t that quick or smart. haha

Of course, Laurel’s baby belongs to Frank, why do you think she is hunting him down so hard? She needs to hurry up and let him know though, that may be all that keeps her alive, MAYBE.

Wes will be alive, as far as I am concerned he is integral to the show since he was part of the beginning of everything as a baby with Annalise. At least that is MY opinion.

Why would Frank be out for revenge? Who’s done what to Frank for him to be out for revenge? I’m not sure Laurel knew she was pregnant in the first place but, incase she did, would her needing and wanting to contact Frank mean she was/is going to keep the baby?

Frank just up and left. I’d be surprised that Laurel would care about him having any input IF it’s Franks baby.

Now that Nate is sleeping with the ADA, I wonder if this is a ploy to help Annalise in some way.

I know Conner is upset, maybe confused (I know I am about Oliver breaking up with him) but he needs to get a grip. I’m glad he uses protection but his behavior is reckless to me.

Obviously Frank is out for revenge, it seems like on everyone he knows has done evil…

Trust me, Laurel knew she was pregnant. Just because we didn’t doesn’t mean crap. YOU know quickly trust me, at least most of us. And, she loves Frank, so of course she would want the baby and want him to know, at least before she found out for sure he is a murderer.

Well my gag reflexes were tested tonight after that scene with Annalise vomiting in the toilet and good grief there was vomit in her hair!! Yuckkkk… :open_mouth:

Now on to the show. :smiley:

I’m a bit confused about Frank. He killed his father when he was 13 years old for yelling at him? I don’t recall him saying his father was physically abusive.

When Bonnie asked Frank if he killed Wes’s father, Frank hesitated (to me) and then claimed he did. So Frank is a sharpshooter? Where and when did he learn this skill?

Did Frank and Bonnie ever sleep together before tonight? I remember Bonnie having a thing for Sam.

In one of the flashback scenes, Frank says he’s a sociopath and did something stupid when his parole hearing came up. I find it suspicious that Sam pushed for Annalise to represent him as a mere favor for his (Sam’s) aunt who just happens to be friends with Franks relatives? Frank doesn’t have a problem with killing someone and this worked to Sam’s advantage later on. Was that a plan all along?

I still don’t understand why Simon posted all of those flyers of Annalise all over campus. Why is Annalise assuming it’s nothing more than a jealous whiney student who did a foolish thing? Calling someone a killer in flyer with their head as a target is pretty extreme.

When Annalise was in Hargrove’s office with the paperwork for the lawsuit, she was looking at photos on the wall. One of those photos looked like Simon (to me) at a much younger age.

I still get the feeling that Nate is using Atwood. When they were in bed, he told her not to tell anyone about them because the last time he had a thing with a lawyer, it turned out to be disastrous. I don’t buy it. He is probably trying to get something on the ADA so that when Annalise screws up (And she always does), Atwood will probably be blackmailed into helping her.

Has Michaela ever talked about her parents before tonight? I don’t remember. But it was quite a surprise to me, to see that Brett Butler (she used to have a show called Grace Under Fire) is playing Michaela’s Mom.

So, we now know that Michaela is NOT under the sheet. I want to say Conner isn’t either, but when Oliver called him from the hospital, he didn’t pick up the phone. :confused: Hopefully, we’ll find out next week.

If Bonnie hasn’t proven her loyalty by now, then only death could. Annalise completely ignores this. Bonnie recorded Frank admitting that he was the one who shot and killed Mahoney (Wes’ dad). Even though Annalise can’t use this tidbit of information by law, she fails to thank Bonnie for doing what she did, which was not betray Annalise.

Meggy calls Laurel from Wes’ apartment building because she can’t get ahold of Wes to let him know that the police are there looking for him. Annalise thinks Frank is setting Wes up to be a suspect for Mahoney’s murder as payback for her putting a hit out on him. When Wes insists on going to talk to the police, Annalise orders him not to or she will chain him up in the basement like she did Rebecca.

Oh Annalise, you bad bold b*itch. :open_mouth:

Although he gets on my nerves most of the time, Asher dancing to “Cotton Eye Joe” was pretty funny to me.

Bonnie and Frank seem like little lost puppies. When Bonnie said Frank wanted to come home, it was like he wanted to come home to Mama. Since I always questioned Bonnie’s feelings for Annalise being nothing mother-like, I now wonder if that’s how she sees Annalise, like a mother, a mean mother, but nevertheless a mother.

“Going on dates is a part of being alone”. Really Oliver? Like Conner, I question Oliver’s motives for breaking up with him and his excuse being he needed some time alone. Yet, he has done everything to stay in Conner’s reach. Now he’s meeting guys from a dating website as if (to me) rub it in Conner’s face. I don’t trust him and Conner should realize he may be better off.

Wes and Laurel became hump buddies a few weeks before the fire at Annalise’s house. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I wasn’t sure Laurel knew she was pregnant and if she was, would it be Frank’s. This hookup with Wes kind of throws a monkey wrench in the assumption Laurel is carrying Frank’s baby.

Michaela and Asher officially become a couple and fast forward to the night of the fire, Michaela is frantically looking for Asher. To her relief, a drunk Asher is once again dancing, on the couch, at a dorm party. Asher tells Michaela that Annalise called him (and I think some others) to come to the house.

By the way, Asher is NOT under the sheet.

On the list of the Still-Breathing:

Annalise, Bonnie, Oliver, Laurel, Michaela and Asher.

Wes’s half-brother Charles Mahoney had an alibi for the night their father was shot and killed. We find this out after Wes lied and told the police that he saw Charles because he was about to ask him for directions. Annalise doesn’t understand why he lied (really?) in the first place. I don’t understand why Wes lied either.

Did Edith Duvall just one-up Mommy Dearest? Saying that she’s a real piece of work is an understatement. Half-Nelson, Jerky-Jared and Big Kahuna Karen (as Edith referred to them) all seem to tolerate her abusive behavior for the sake of not being cut out of her will. She already tried to get them arrested for attempted murder so would it be a surprise if she’s written them out of the will anyway? SMH

Frank(enstein) standing outside of the door while Laurel and Wes were getting’ it on was creepy to me.

I’m a bit confused at the ending. Why did Laurel write Wes’ name down? Wes is the snitch? Wes at the police station accepting immunity is in present time? Uggghhh…I don’t know if he can be added to the list as Still Breathing…

Geez, and I watched this episode twice. :open_mouth:

Yeah, what a mother that Edith is/was…? geez, I’m surprised her head wasn’t put in the chili long ago.

I assumed Laurel was worried about Wes and if he was okay and that was why she wrote his name down…but not sure. But, yeah Wes is alive and yes, he is getting immunity in the present, as was shown in the beginning when they were talking to Annalise in jail that someone had turned on her or whatever and did she STILL not want an attorney. It’s about time, of course God only knows what will happen to Wes, but then again this may be another one of their “plots” together, you never know when she is involved. It could be a way to make sure Wes is cleared of any and everything and of course we KNOW Annalise will come out of a pile of crap smelling like a rose, so my money is on that.

I didn’t post last week (maybe it was election fatigue) but tonight we should find out who is under the sheet. The list of the Still Breathing (so far) is:

Michaela and

There’s only two central characters left, Frank and Nate. That crazy scene between Frank and Annalise last week had me on the edge of my seat. Before her arrest, Annalise broke down in tears when she saw who was under the sheet. Would she have done that if it were Frank? After last week, I would say no. But she would if it were Nate. Since this show always has a twist of some kind, everything at this point is still a guessing game. :confused:

:open_mouth: OMG!!! :open_mouth:

I am truly shocked and saddened by tonight’s episode. I got this so wrong and the writers made sure I did. When the season started, everyone could have been under the sheet. As the weeks went by, we started to narrow down that list. I thought it came down to two people, Nate and Frank.

But this wasn’t the case and they were not under the sheet.

I’m gutted to say, that it was Wes after all. I don’t know why this happened and I am so *#%!@ mad about it. Once again, the twist got me. I never saw this coming.

R.I.P Wes. …sigh…

[size=150]I’m still trying to wrap my head around this winter finale’s shocking outcome. I’m not alone in my devastation according to other people’s comments and some of those reaction videos. So many people needed some of that Vodka Annalise had while others said they were going to call in sick because of an unexpected death in the family.

WHY, WHY, WHY did this have to happen to Wes??? As if his death wasn’t enough of a dagger to the heart, Nate (Who I thought was under the sheet) revealed to the newly jailed Annalise that Wes didn’t die because of the fire at her house. He was dead before the fire!!!

Wait. :confused: WHAT!!! :confused: What??? :open_mouth:

Was Wes murdered? If I swear he must have been murdered, they’ll say he committed suicide. If I think he committed suicide the twist will be it was all an accident, right?

I’m still processing all of this while some fans have already started to point that accusatory finger at several characters as possible murderers.

Lots of questions and not enough answers.

• If Wes was murdered, who did it?
• Is Laurel pregnant by Wes or Frank?
• Who was Annalise being accused of murdering? Rebecca? Wes? Sam?
• Is it me or did Conner seem unsurprised that Wes is dead?
• How did the fire start?
• Was Wes really going to rat out Annalise?
• Why is Shonda Rhimes so cruel?

How To Get Away With Murder-ing-my-emotions returns in January, 2017. :unamused:

Thank you for popping in to read my weekly comments. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Be safe, be kind and keep smiling.[/size]

Tonight is the season finale. We get to see who killed Wes. Many people have so many theories but the ones where they think Annalise or Laurel may have killed Wes, would shock the heck out of me. I’ve never trusted Oliver, so if it is him, I wouldn’t be shocked, well maybe a little. Conner has been suspect to me since finding out Wes died. He didn’t really have a reaction to it. But, last weeks episode showed him trying to resuscitate Wes, sooo…hmm.

Anyway, for those who are still watching, I hope you post your thoughts here. :smiley:

I didn’t write it down but when I saw the opening credits and saw Esai Morales was a guest star and thought it probably going to be him. Lucky guess. I thought this season sucked and the final episode wasn’t any better. Very disappointed I will tune in for the new season and hopefully it will be better oh well. Just a side thought I have never really liked Oliver as a member of the “little lawyers club” he never fit in, and now I just find him annoying.

[size=150]How To Get Away With Murder is said to return for Season 4 on September 28th.

(Insert sound effect) Dun-Dun-Duuuun! [/size] :smiley:

I just found this thread tonight. I was so thrilled and read every word from start to finish. Thank you so much. Sometimes they talk so fast, I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I find myself out of breath just listening. lol Anyway I enjoyed this thread. I hope you continue. HTGAWM comes on tonight! Thanks again for this wonderful thread!

[size=150]I’ve started to post here a few times but keep getting sidetracked…lol… I wish I had kept up last season. But, I’ll try to that this season. I’m glad you enjoyed my silly little posts Lomille… I love this show! [/size] :smiley:

[size=150]How To Get Away With Murder – Season 4 -Episode 3 –
“It’s for the greater good.”

Instead of a full recap I’ll just touch on a few things from tonight’s episode.

Last week Laurel told Michaela that her father i[/i] was responsible for Wes’ death and that she wants her to help take him down by using her internship at Caplan & Gold. They represent Jorge’s company. Michaela wants no part of it.

We still don’t know if Wes was the target and if so, what could possibly be the reason to kill him. Did Laurel really put it all together from just the mere presence of Dominic. I don’t think she did or could have. I know she doesn’t have enough evidence but what little bit does she have on Jorge?

Annalise and Laurel were in the bathroom at the courthouse and Laurel pointed out that her recommendation letter from Annalise hadn’t worked in her favor. Annalise just wants to move on and as Laurel leaves, she tells Annalise that the baby she’s carrying is a boy.

Side note: [i]In the finale of Season 3, Annalise was in an AA meeting. As she broke down, she talked about her pain and loss. Frank was the reason her son was stillborn. Frank was working for the Mahoney’s to take down Annalise, unfortunately her baby was the causality. She referred to Wes as being like a son to her before she changed and said repeatedly, that he was her son.

Since the beginning of this show I’ve felt that Wes was Annalise’s son. There’s been many debates about this over the last few years. So, when Annalise went from “Wes was like my son” to “Wes is my son”, that was my confirmation. But again, the debate rages on and people think Annalise said that metaphorically, not literally.

When Laurel told Annalise she was carrying a boy, what was the point? Moments before she said she was glad to be free of Annalise, which has been everyone’s sentiment, except for Bonnie. I took this to be another hint that Wes is Annalise’s son therefore making the baby her grandson. Does Laurel know something?[/i]

Unless I missed it, I didn’t know Connor had two dads.

Even though Bonnie is now working in the DA’s office and because Bonnie has always been ride or die for Annalise, I can’t believe that these two are really on the outs. I feel like they devised a plan and are still working together. Even that shouting-match-I’ll-whoop-your-behind-almost-physical-fight that never happened, felt like a show.


As we’ve seen in the fast forward, Laurel is in a hospital or institution and has had the baby. She awakens asking where he is and Frank and Annalise’s therapist, Dr. Isaac, are in the room with her.

Dr. Isaac places to a call to Annalise who isn’t picking up her phone. At Annalise’s apartment, there’s blood on the floor and in the hallway. There’s a bloody hand print on the elevator wall. I think Bonnie and the police are there as well. I can’t remember.

Tonight’s Fast Forward added a scene where a black woman was staring at the babies in the nursery and Dr. Isaac thought it was Annalise. It was a very disheveled Michaela. She kept asking “Is he dead?’’ “Everyone around us dies.”

What. The. Hell? Is she asking about the baby? Asher?

Nate is on my piss list now and R.I.P Jasmine. I wish she had succeeded at getting on track with her life.