How to send/delete private messages to other posters or MODERATORS?

DO NOT EMAIL US ABOUT SOAP OPERA STORYLINES. We cannot help with those. We are not affiliated with the soaps.

New posters cannot send PMs until they are trusted posters who have been on the board a while and have posted a few times. Once you are able you can PM the moderators with any questions or issues though please use the flag for guideline infractions whenever possible. We cannot stress this more. Emailing is your last option.

Click your profile image top right-hand corner of the site (or placeholder if you did not upload an image)
You will see your name in grey underneath, then a grey envelope.
Click the envelope
Click new message (far left-hand side)
In the text field marked Add a user, type @ and then start typing their name with no spaces (for mods it’s Soaps.com_Admin)
Type in a title underneath in the second text box (the reason you are PMing them)
Type in your note in the larger text box
Click Message

You can PM moderators but only when it is important. They don’t respond to tech issues as they are not trained to.

To delete a PM, click the greyed out three dots bottom right-hand corner of the message and hit the little garbage bin.

If you are banned Please note that if you are banned, there is NOBODY else with whom you can go to in order to overturn a ban. The bans are not done lightly.