How to block a poster completely

Hi everyone!

I’m happy to report that Discourse updated the site and gave everyone the ability to ignore (block) posters and to mute them. If you have issues getting along with a particular poster due to having opposing views on a character or storyline and you find yourself butting heads too often, you can now opt to block them so that their posts are not seen at all. I find this a positive approach to keeping the peace and your stress levels down.


Hit the little envelope in the top right corner
Hit ‘preferences’
Click ‘users’ which is on the far left
Under ‘ignored’
Click ‘+ Add’
Plug in the poster’s username, first using the @ symbol
Select a timeframe which is anywhere from later today to four months from now. I don’t have the ability to change that so you’d have to redo it if necessary when the time comes.

To mute:

In ‘Users’ still - type in the name(s) of the poster(s) you wish to mute. It’ll supress all notifications from them. Save changes.

Immediately, you will notice that the posts from the person you have chosen to block have all disappeared for you.

For those who are visual, here’s a good little gif on how to block:

A little more information on what happens when you ignore or mute someone:

You may see a hidden reply. If the poster quotes somebody you’ve blocked, you’ll see a quote with the person’s screen name though you will not see their text. You have an option to reveal the hidden reply or quoted text by clicking on “hidden reply” or the quoted text box.