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How insane

Kayla and Sarah, two wing nuts, doing brain surgery. We need new writers.

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Paging Dr. Dumb, Dr. Dumber.


Love that! Those scenes were a scream. They reminded me of the 3 Stooges where they’d be using hacksaws and removing all manner of stuff from the patient.
You might be too young to remember “Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr, Howard.” But their nonsense lives on. :grinning:


Guess that’s why Rex is coming back to be the 3rd stooge!


Rolf should have done the surgery…just saying…

Insane it is why do Kayla and Sarah do everything because it would too much to have another doctor/character to focus on. It’s why they hired the character of Doctor Raynor because Sarah was one of the ones who gave birth and Kalya would never switch the babies. They need somebody who could take fall and leave the show.


Kayla’s a wing nut? Since when?

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I overlook this crap. It’s a soap.

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My message was suppose to be funny. Sorry so many took offense.

I’m not offended :wink:

I’m grateful for our soap, alleged wingnuts and all. Actually, I’m delighted with the characters of Sarah and Kayla.

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