How do I report a bad post?

Report a bad post by looking underneath the typing of the post you think goes against the guidelines which can be found here - GUIDELINES - read before you post - you’ll see a heart, a chain and three dots. Click the three dots. Up will pop a little grey flag. Click that flag. You’ll see five different reasons that you can use to notify staff of an issue. Click the one you want and then click ‘flag post’. Once hitting ‘flag post’ you’ll get a text box where you can explain the reason for the flagged post which will help moderators.

Please be aware that this function is not to be used for disagreeing with your fellow posters. If you’re found to be flagging too many posts, the moderators might remind you to read the guidelines and only flag the issues pertaining to those. If you dislike what a poster says but it’s not against guidelines just ignore it and move on. You’re not always going to agree. That’s reality. That’s life.

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