How bell can still save this show

With mike coming back and sheila and deacon around. Bell can revisit ridges paternity anf make rick someone elses kid. Maybe brookes first fiance.

I remember the story deacon and rick took ridge to the gospital after a fight. His hand was hurt, this is when he found out eric was not his father
What if mike who worked at the hospital wanted to get back at the forresters and he is the one who changed the paternity test.

It would explain why rick hated ridge so much and give him a story if he comes back. Especially if he knew about it all along he was not erics son.

With hope and thomas. Bring in someone new for thomas hipe is not good enough for him. Have liam try to kill him. Thomas ends up in a coma.
This can be the start of the forrester v. Spencers.

It can involve taylor as she lied about shooting bill to protect liam, her grand daughters father. This can turn taylor into the mother bear similar to stephanie senior. Thomas being in a coma, she may go after custody of douglas and in court have it come out that brooke tried to kill him then hope and thats why he was coerced into signing the papers and finally liam or hope attempted to kill him. Ridge could be against taylor taking custody and spilling the beans about hope and that can cause a rift between them and taylor and steffy if it turns out liam is the one who shot bill and taylor lied to protect liam .

Steffy will have problems trusting and forgiving liam because of what he did to thomas and bc finn admits that he changed the paternity test and hayes is actually liams son. Finn doesnt mention that beth is not liams daughter but someone elses from hopes time in italy.

Ridge wants taylor to.forgive him and take him back and she chooses her children over him.but he doesnt want brooke.back. ridge and taylor become the head of the forrester family .

Brooke still chasing after ridge, marries bill tio make the spencers a strong family but cause alot of trouble and manage to push the spencer heirs dougñas, hayes and kelly away.

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Why the heck would you want to give Liam yet another kid? If for no other reason than to keep every blessed kid on the show from being a Spencer, Hayes should remain Finn’s. Will, Douglas, Kelly, and Beth are already all Spencers either on their father’s sides or, in Douglas’ case, on his mother’s. Plus, having Finn changing the paternity test makes no sense—he was willing to stay with Steffy, Kelly, and the new baby, even when he thought the baby was Liam’s.

And if you think making Beth not Liam’s would make up for making Hayes Liam’s and not Finn’s, you’re mistaken. Finn is the best dad on the show. Why take away his son and hand him over to Liam and stick Steffy with another reason to have to deal with Liam and make Hayes have to spend time with him, too, instead of being one of the few kids on the show who’s actually being raised by both his parents? Not to mention the fact that making Finn a liar and Liam Hayes’ father isn’ really necessary to “save” the show, even within your plotline. In fact, it has literally nothing to do with the rest of the story you’re spinning and would just trash Steffy and Finn’s family for no reason.


No more paternity stories please, this is not Judge Mathis.