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How are you doing during the COVID-19 pandemic?


I’ve been thinking of you all, hoping that you’re all healthy, worrying a little that some of you may be sick. I thought it’d be nice to have a thread we can chat regularly about any stressers, concerns, or even those feelings of boredom that you may be experiencing. Maybe we can share ideas on recipes, how to stay healthy, what to binge-watch, and how to relax and meditate for those who are interested.

My entire staff is working as usual, and all from home. They’re in good spirits. We were in meetings this morning to discuss what other material to bring to you to keep you entertained while you’re self-quarantined for the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

How are you guys all doing? Anyone else working from home?


(Christine Fix, Editor-in-Chief)

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No takers? That’s okay. If you need any information about COVID-19, here are a few links to videos on YouTube that are very informative.

This one is from an ER doctor, Dr. Ari Greenwald, in Toronto who recorded this March 18. He talks about what he’s seen in the ER, how things really are. I know some are struggling with how serious this is. This should help to put things into perspective.

This is what the disease looks like day by day. It’s the only one I’ve seen so far that breaks down the symptoms day by day. It tells us there are three cases which range from mild (what I have and am recovering from) , to moderate and then critical.

Hope that this helps anyone. If you’ve questions, let me know. Be well. Self-isolate, social distance…


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Im well thankfully and staying safe. And although I know the soaps are taped in advanced, it’s so nice to tune in each day and escape into a world where Covid 19 doesn’t exist!


That’s good to hear!!

Yes - it’s great to see people hanging out together, right? I miss that already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Safe over here in Aus - so far. We have been lucky in a way in Vic, our premier has been very good - he has surprised me. Honestly I always thought of him as a bit, well, gormless, a very non-threatening, mehhhh type of bloke, but he’s really come into his own during this crisis and has been leading from the front foot. Lets hope it works. I hope everyone over there is okay, I’ve been watching in a kind of fascinated horror the pandemic unfolding on your shores.

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Glad to hear you’re safe, Takenagain. That’s fantastic news about your premier. Nice surprise. Our prime minister in Canada has been excellent during the crisis and I too was surprised by our premier in Ontario in Toronto. I never liked him, never voted for him, but he is stepping up. We’ve been in a state of emergency for two weeks and he’s extended it another two weeks. They’ve banned gatherings of more than 5 people with really strict exceptions.

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I’m doing great and in Georgia and I work at a Retirement Community and everyone is on lockdown and I am a server and make sure they all are getting their meals…have an awesome team I work with. So far so good there are no cases :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:. I’m on the fence about our governor and president. I didn’t vote nor like either one of them. Our president should have stepped up a long time ago and treated this more seriously instead of being in denial. Sorry but this all scares me


That’s great news, Sparkycharmer. Hope that nothing changes and that you and the retirement community are not touched by it. Yeah it could have saved a lot more lives. :frowning:

We still have some here who are visiting parks and not distancing themselves enough. It’s upsetting to see. Our city is in lockdown for another two weeks and I wish everyone would take it seriously. They’ve started fining people for visiting with friends which is good.

What part of Canada you in, honey? And how is the Prime Minister’s wife? Heard she had Coronavirus :sleepy:

I’m in Toronto Ontario. She’s doing well now. Recovered thank goodness!

That is very good news!