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hottest couple on passions

i think the hottest couple is edna and norma lol anybody agree?

NO BUT FUNNY :slight_smile:

How about Luis and Precious!


Theresa and Ethan, though the others were funny.

Ethan and Theresa :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Quote Octoberfest: How about Luis and Precious! :)
They defiantly get my vote as Passion's super couple :-) ;)

My favorite couples were

Ivy and Julian
Kay and Miguel
Luis and Sheridan
Sam and Grace

Theresa and Ethan
& Kay and Miguel

Theresa and Ethan

luis & sheridan ethan & theresa sam & grace

I say:

Luis and Sheridan
Ethan and Theresa
Noah and Fancy
Kay and Miguel
Chad and Whitney :slight_smile:

Hi folks, and Yal!

My youngest son has gotin married! Our fam and her fam have known eachother for 20 yrs! I’m so happy! Love and basketball!!!My son is a beautiful man.,My Daugher in law is a beautiful young woman…They have known each other since 5 years old…Ohhh happy day!!!

Congratulations. That is a REAL happy ending.

May they be much, much happier than all the couples on the soaps without any of the problems!

I liked Kay with the real fox. I never liked them putting Miguel and Kay together! 1 for what she did to him and 2 because he loved Charity!

Ethan and Theresa 1
Chad and Whitney2
Sam and Grace3
Sam and Ivy(it took a while)4
Sheridan and Luis5

Miguel Kay,
Sam Ivy,
Ethan Theresa,
Tc Eve,
Fox Whitney,

Chad and Whitney no, Fox and Whitney I would say for sure along with her best friend Theresa and Ethan.

Sheridan and Luis
Eve and Julian
Theresa and Ethan

Ethan and Theresa
Sheridan and Luis
those were my 2 favorites

I also sort of liked Eve and Julian, Sam and Ivy and I thought Grace was good with David even though he was fake.

I liked Whitney and Chad until Vincent came along

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