Hope Brady

will hope Brady return to days

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Probably if they offer her enough money. I’m sure she has a price. Her character probably will…as a different actress.

My crazy theory now is that SHE killed Charlie for threatening her grand daughter Clair.

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I’m guessing that eventually she will, but not for this writing team. They have done KA and Hope’s character no favors in the last few years. Give her a better storyline and I’m sure KA will return. I can see a recast if they can’t get Kristian to reconsider.

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I am not for recast…but Brooke Shields would be a great recast!


LOL it was Hope… Hope shot Charlie. She found out he was going after Clair. That’s why no one can get hold of her… cause she’s hiding out.

(Just kidding :joy::joy:)

I think KA is probably happy doing her Hallmark movies. At least she gets to have some good writers instead of these losers we have on Days. I don’t blame her at all for leaving. I don’t think it’ll be long before more leave or before the show is cancelled. If these writers don’t get better there’s not much hope for the show.


I definitely miss KA as I’ve been a fan since the 80’s. This writing team has done her no favors, sorry to say. I can’t blame her for not returning. Fingers crossed things will turn around and she makes her way to Salem in the near future. Recasts are always a gamble and if it has to go that way, I can see Lisa Peluso or Catherine Mary Stewart in the role.

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I am a long time fan of days and I agree with you the show is getting awful the. Who ever is doing the withering get a plan. Enough with the devil stories.


I think you’re right about the first part of your post - KA, IMO, would never return to this writing team (she’d probably not ever return since tptb disrespected her character for so long after what she’d brought to the show for so long). As for a recast - WHY? Don’t see the need anymore at this stage of her life except as a prop for others as she’d been during her latest years on the show! What a waste but not only do I not vision someone else in a role like this but, as I said, what’s the real need except propping?


Totally agree and I’m one of her top fans! I don’t want her back on this show! She deserves so much better!


Good writers? Did you see Allison Sweeney’s latest Hallmark movie? Days writing was 100000x better. Such a stupid story.

No Recast. Hope is not needed that much to do that. Kristian should be the only actor playing Hope.