HFTF should have been cancelled YEARS ago!

I hated this HFTF nonsense from its conception years ago, but to have this 30 something year old loser, still pushing for her teeny bopper line to be relevant , is beyond asinine. It’s one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of in my life.

Cancel it! Just freaking cancel it already! OMG!

Except for Thomas’ recent designs, every other set of designs were freaking ugly as sin. Looked like a bunch of macrame doily rags that my grandma would put around toilet paper rolls. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Brooke’s Bedrom didn’t last this long. And when Paris actually said the letters “H. F. T. F” to Thomas yesterday, I was like, do they not understand how utterly dumb that sounds? :woman_facepalming:t4: It sounds like you are trying yo get out a word and can’t speak. Or like you are saying. Pffffttt!

Why keep pedaling this nonesense in another lame attempt to keep Hope relevant. She obviously doesn’t know what the heck she is doing, years later. Not even sugar grand pappy Eric could help this lost cause.

Hope has no education, no skills and no training. If she has to work at FC, put her as a receptionist, so she actually does something for the company rather than cost it money.

Gawd this is so dumb. I’m done. I get dumber every time I watch this show

Rant over. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Every Word, truth.


Thanks Angie. Pffft is so dumb. Then I watch them talk about Pfffft. Then I feel dumb for watching it.

I only watched yesterday to see my boy Thomadms snd to see Hope fail.


Hope for the future line is so old news now. It’s a new year 2023, I’m ready to see a new fashion line.


Forrester’s foundations were in couture. That’s what put the company on the map.
Thomas’ designs were leading toward class.
It’s obvious that Eric can’t design anything other than a showstopper, wedding gown or red carpet worthy gowns. In it’s glory days, Forrester was a status symbol. It was worn by royalty.
To make HFTF it’s main money maker is horrid writing. It started as a side line.
No wonder they don’t have rooms filled with models anymore on the show. What do they need them for?


They keep this line going to show that Hope is some kind of a career woman and try to give her relevance. What else does she have? Nothing!. She is anything but.

A show shouldn’t have to prop a character so much.


Hearing Hope talk to Paris about her line, I kept thinking about how selfish she is. She was acting like all the people who work on that stupid line would lose their jobs if it failed and she would lose her career. The thing is, they dont need Hope and that stupid line to keep their jobs. Only Hope does. Thomas’ designs under his own name and not hers would guarantee those people keep their jobs.

Where was all this concern for people working on HFTF when it was dead for the past 4 years? Hope is so full of it. If she is talking, she is lying.

This writing is so remedial. I can’t believe they have all these execs, including Eric, scrambling to get this idiotic line to work. Just scrap it. Fricking scrap it. That company doesn’t need Hope or that lame line. Fire Hope and keep Thomas. It really is that simple.


If she’s such a career woman, they need to define exactly what it is she does for her line. She doesn’t design. She doesn’t seem to run the PR or the financial aspects for her line. She doesn’t really even do those interminable press conferences anymore. Occasionally, she models a showstopper. Period. Her job, and Brooke’s, seem mostly to involve shuffling papers and declaring what shall and shall not happen in everyone else’s personal lives. And yes, FC did just fine when Hope’s line was cancelled and they introduced the American Freedom line instead, and unless that’s the only line FC is producing, or there’s an entire section of the company devoted only to HFTF, then no one but Hope is going to lose her job if the line goes under. She’s just going on about that to try and look like her concern is for anyone other than herself.

Hope is supposed to be devoted to her family and have this huge career, but we really don’t see any of that from her on anything looking like a regular basis. The show just assumes it’s okay to say Hope is all those things without ever showing it, and that’s just bad writing.


Good post! They really need to define what she does, because as far as I see, she does exactly what you say she does, shuffle papers and occasionally model a show stopper. And the last showstopper she modeled, she couldn’t walk in it properly and she didn’t do it any justice. I got second hand embarrassment when she walked down that run way.

Hope is still that spoiled, uneducated, untrained, unqualified brat, she was, when Katie gave her that line. She barely graduated high school and gave up going to college because of a boy.

I still remember how she had Brooke ask Ridge and Eric to put all of the budget (or all of their advertising budget) into HFTF. Everyone kept saying you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, but those two losers agreed and they all hugged it out.

Then that time Hope went over her budget with buying materials and then got mad at Steffy the CEO when she said No No, that budget needs to go elsewhere.

Hope can’t do financials. I doubt the brat can even add. Carter does that. Hope can’t advertise. Katie does the PR (I think Eric saud years ago that she had either a degree or a background in PR). Hope can’t design (Thomas does that. Quinn used to do the jewelry). She doesn’t do charity and foundation stuff. Paris handles all of that.

All Hope does is take credit for other people’s work. Oh and come up with giving silk scarves to the starving homeless on the street. Not even her scarves, but FC scarves.


Oh I almost forgot. Hope would also have life sized dummies, commissioned to have her likeness, made and displayed to feed her narcissism. Like who does that?


Many of Hope’s HFTF workdays have been spent stealing Douglas from Thomas, stealing Liam from Steffy, and maintaining that big 'ole shack where she lives.


Don’t forget that she also had a whole second line—Hope’s Perfect Wedding—that was supposed to debut after the Puglia wedding, but then she saw the video of Liam making out with Steffy on their wedding day, and she suddenly couldn’t deal with that line at all, and that’s the last that was ever heard of it. So all the money and work that went into that line was flushed down the corporate toilet, just like she damaged her original line by being caught kissing Liam by one of her little fans, after which it became public knowledge that she was living with Liam, who was still legally married to Steffy at the time, while publicly going on about abstinence before marriage. Either of those things should have gotten Hope dumped as the spokesperson for her line permanently because her personal life being entwined with the line was just costing the company way too much money.


She should have lots of time on her hands these days then. She has Douglas back; Steffy doesn’t want Liam back, as she’s upgraded to Finn, a man who’s a hands-on father, a doctor, and a guy who would literally take a bullet for her and wonder why she would think that wasn’t just the natural reaction of a loving husband; and whatever maintenance the cabin needs seems to be handled by Liam, who’s usually the one picking up the toys etc.


I noticed one day this week that the discussion was about HFTF’s focus on saving the planet. I guess abstinence is no longer relevant after all these years.


From the beginning HFTF was branded as a teen line so how can they now assume customers will simply accept it as something else? In the real world that would be very difficult if not impossible, but Thomas’es designs were anything but adolescent. His talent and designs are wasted on HFTF and more couture rather than teenie bopper. It’s definitely time for Thomas to start his own fashion house and hopefully with the assistance of Caroline’s mothers. They could also help him get full custody of Doulglas.


It also makes very little sense that Hope is still the spokesmodel (or whatever she is) for HFTF when it’s supposed to be a line for teens/early twenty-somethings. It’s not that Hope is old, but she’s certainly older than that. So why are they still having her model the showstoppers, for instance?

Also, HFTF really should be the secondary line, and the couture line should be the primary line, but we never even hear about the couture line anymore.


HFTF was always an ill conceived, sanctimonious vanity project of fugly frumpy frocks that no twenty somethings would be caught dead in. It needs to be done with.


I agree so much with this post! There are many things about this show that annoy me, but what sickens me the most is how every character props up the useless HHH and how they try to make her out to be something and someone she most definitely is not. A great day for me is a day when HHH is not on my screen, neither in person nor conversation.


I fully support your ‘rant’, which isn’t a rant at all, it’s the plain honest truth and the viewers all know it. After Hope got caught out with Liam HFTF should have been shut down immediately. It’s 2023 and that line needs to be replaced with current fashion.


Should be try in that sentence somewhere. No, I take that back. Even if Hope watched Steffy and tried to emulate her I don’t think it would work. Some people like Steffy are just born with business smarts and others shine in different arenas. I don’t think fashion is Hope’s arena.