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Hello, new member here

Hey guys just saying hi. I’m new here and think this place looks great. I was a member of another soap forum, but that place just isn’t the same as before and nowhere near as friendly as before. So I hope I can have a good time here.

Right now I watch Bold and Beautiful. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the board Joncharmed! :blush: I look forward to posting with you. I watch DAYS, GH, and a little Y&R.

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Thanks, I know my mother watches Y&R. She talks about it alot.

welcome joncharmed

Welcome! I watch all 4 soaps.

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Hope you are still enjoying your time on the board. I usually just hang out in the Days board because that’s my soap, but I decided to take an adventure into the lounge. People are, in general, very nice here.

Happy Story Watching,


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Welcome hope you enjoy it here as much as I do!

Hi there! Welcome.

Welcome to the boards!! Glad to have you here!! :slightly_smiling_face: Have fun!! :+1: