Hairstyle for the Abbot Men

Someone mentioned it was time for Kyle to get a new hairstyle, he is just following his Papa Jack and Uncle Billy Boy. I haven’t noticed until they were all in the same set today, they have the same haircut and style.

If Kyle comes back I hope MM has lighter hair again; not only does he carry it well but a child of Diane and Jack would have lighter hair.

Hair colors come in threes too, Lauren, Phyllis and Sally.

I haven’t paid attention close enough to see what other actors have the same hairstyles, anyone else been paying closer attention?

Jack used to wear a pompadour. It looks better now.

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He is a handsome man, I have NEVER understood why he cannot find love. His role on All My Children as Dr. Cliff Warner had an epic love with Nina Courtland and he did a beautiful job playing the character. At least when Terry Lester was Jack they gave him love interest, such as Patty, who was sane then. Actually, he was kind of a playboy, so I’m glad Jack grew out of that.

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I hate Victor’s greased back hair, don’t mind the grey though. I think Adam has the best hair currently and Nick’s looks good to. Sorry I just realized this was supposed to be about the Abbott men.

Jack is an A+ for hair
Billy is a C
Kyle is a C-


Thank you for mentioning that. I couldn’t quite put a name to it.

It seems to me that most male characters on all soaps have their hair swept up from their foreheads. Gets on my last nerve, LOL, once I saw it, I can’t unsee it. I hate, hate, hate it.

But to each their own :slight_smile:

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I think that Jack’s hair is OK too
Billy’s is OK except when he adds greasy hair product
Nick (Jacks x step son) wears way too much greasy hair product

Kyle - his Pompadour is ridiculous, too round, too tall! There is a picture of mm on the JT thread where he is bidding farewell to Kyle and his hair looks normal - it changes his whole face…His dog is pretty cute too…

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