Guidelines clarification

Guidelines clarification:

The first thing that we want to ask of you is to check your sensitivity before you login to the message boards because there are a variety of opinions that will differ from your own and getting upset about somebody’s opinion that you disagree on will only cause issues for you. Everyone’s opinions are welcomed, and nobody’s is better or worse than their fellow poster.

Creating bash or no bash threads:

We see no reason to keep allowing these, but we do have ones that are grandfathered in. The only reason we ever allowed these in the first place was because there were a few fanbases who couldn’t seem to handle when another poster disrespected the character that they love. This meant that we were constantly interjecting and having to place a lot of bans. We prefer not to. Instead, we want people to learn to get along with others and learn to agree to disagree.

Bashing posters vs Respecting them

We receive a lot of messages about people being rude or baiting other posters or fanbases. Some posters do not realize that they are baiting so we may contact them to let them know that their posts are seen by others as baiting. When we do, some of them still do not understand and that is a big problem because they will continue to do this. Others can become frustrated by other poster’s opinions and fly off the handle and then feel bad. Then there are some who troll message boards because they are unhappy with themselves or their lives and want to take it out on strangers. Either way this is not allowed and will ensure you receive warnings and or bans.

Saying “we should agree to disagree” to a poster and then continuing to harp on someone’s opinions is rude and spammy. Just move on if someone has a differing opinion. Stop beating a dead horse by trying to get them to see things your way. Let it go.

In a similar vein, it is seen as rude to ask another poster, “What show are you watching?” or “Are we watching the same show?” when they have an opinion that differs from yours. Telling someone “shame on you” for their opinion, even if they write that they wish a character would die is not allowed. It’s rude and can win you a ban without warning since it’s obviously mean and ridiculous. Instead of using sarcasm which automatically presses most people’s buttons or trying to make a poster look like a fool, try kindly asking them the reason behind their opinion if you are curious. Or simply let them have that opinion and move on. You do not need to try to force your opinion on other posters or debate every single thing a poster says. Sometimes it’s best to let it go.

If somebody hates the character you love most, let them. What is it to you? There is no award for sticking up for a fictional figure. Stop defending a fictional character and let the poster have their say. Keep this in perspective. Our posters are all real people who mean more than a TV character. It’s all about respect.

Obvious bait threads:

Who will Sharon sleep with next? Just how old is Phyllis? These are a few thread titles taken from the Y&R board that upset and annoy many posters. They’re out of context, meaningless and contribute nothing to the board. They cause fights and those who start them should know that we’ve got your number and we’re not going to let you off with just a warning.

Bashing actor/actress looks:

Calling an actress ugly or scrawny or fat is rude. Pretending you’re only talking about the character is just as bad. It only makes you look petty. Think about how you’d feel if someone called you a name that hit home. Then rethink your post. If you wouldn’t say it to the actor’s face, then don’t say it at all. That’s our motto, though if you are a person who would behave rudely to an actor in person and think you can get away with it here, think again. You can discuss an actor constructively without being rude about it.

Flagging posts:

Before you flag a post, ask yourself what the real issue is and if it is truly a guideline infraction or if it is just offensive to you and is not a part of our guideline infractions. If we disagree with your flag let it go. Move on.

Bastardizing character names:

We see no problem with mocking characters. Many enjoy calling Eric Eeyore on Days because of how mopey the character has been. Lately Flo from B&B has been called Felony Flo. That is all in fun and seen as witty but when posters start calling characters names that frankly a child would come up with such as Lame instead of Liam or HOpe instead of Hope, HOgans or Syphilis instead of Phyllis or using terms ‘b*tch’ and ‘wh*re’ and ‘sl*t’, we draw a line. That is not fun, it is not witty or cute. It is sarcastic and nasty to see and some of them are anti-feministic.


We may warn you for doing something wrong. We may ban you. If you are banned, you will know why because you will see the reason listed when you login. Instead of emailing to complain about it, look over your activity and honestly ask yourself if you could have done a better job posting.


We do try to give three warnings before a ban but there may be times when your post is so bad that we just want you to take a break and in that case you will be banned whether it be a day or a week or more.

You are all adults and we expect you to act like adults. This means that moderators are not mediators or babysitters. If you and someone else are arguing, then it is likely that you’ll all get a short ban. The reason is to calm everyone down not to punish. Sometimes when you are forced to step away for a day or two you can come back refreshed.

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