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Season 6 of Grimm will premiere on January 6th, 2017. It is also the last season. :frowning:

I’ve watched the show since the beginning and will miss it once it’s gone. I hope this last season is insanely good! I hope other fans will come here to chat about it.

1.) I want “Eve” to return to being Juliette. (I miss her and Nick together.)
2.) I hate Adalind and I don’t think there is anything that will ever make me like her.
3.) I hate that Nick (obviously having lost his mind…IMO) slept with the enemy (Adalind) and had a baby with her. What a slap in the face to Juliette after what she sacrificed for him.
4.) I hope Renard wasn’t really working for Black Claw and going against Nick and Co. I want it to be more about infiltration than indoctrination. I cant wait to see what happens between Renard and Nick.
5.) It’ll be interesting to see what the little demon child aka Diana will be up to this season. I wonder if anyone will be able to handle her.
6.) Please give my favorite couple, Monroe and Rosalee, a baby!

Keep it Grimmtastic - :smiling_imp:

What Juliette sacrificed for Nick?? OMG, she basically killed his Mom and beheaded her…without her help it wouldn’t have happened. She burned down his trailer with all of his books and ancient artifacts and weapons in it. And even though she did sacrifice for a little while, she had the option to go back to being herself but SHE chose to stay a Hexenbiest because she liked the power, so she didn’t have to sacrifice anything, she CHOSE to.

I miss Juliette and Nick together too but the original one, I can’t forgive what she did to him and I doubt he can either.

Nick didn’t KNOW he was sleeping with the enemy when he did. How can you say he did that when he didn’t know.

I hope Renard is playing double agent also.

Now Diana, if she would work for the good side would be great, but who knows? Otherwise, uh oh…

And I hope Monroe and Rosalee are happy, baby or not, they are a great couple.

Juliette hater…lol

I don’t hate Juliette. I disagree about her not having sacrificed herself for Nick. Nick needed to be a Grimm again and the only way to do that was what Juliette did.

I wasn’t talking about Nick sleeping with Adalind while she was disguised as Juliette. I’m talking about him sleeping with her, voluntarily, when they moved to the warehouse loft after she gave birth.

Since this is the last season, I hope they tell us more about Truble’s family. I still think she is related to Nick.

All I know is I’m going to miss this show! :frowning:
I love this show!
I just wonder if this is all a nightmare?.

I know, I am going to miss this show so much also. I love it too.

I watch the reruns repeatedly even though I have seen them umpteen times lol.

I hope it is a nightmare for US and they aren’t ending the show, haha, but unfortunately the idiots at NBC are. We can cross our fingers and hope that MAYBE a cable network like TNT or USA might pick it up, but I am sure I am just dreaming.

But, at least, since they know this is the end, they should have a good ending for the show. :cry: :cry: :cry:

I hate that Grimm is joining the list of shows I like, that are going into their final season, like Bates Motel and Orphan Black.

I didn’t like Renard in the beginning but once he and Nick started working together, I liked him. This last season has left me leery of him as I still don’t know if Renard is working for the Resistance or Black Claw. I hope is isn’t Black Claw.

I still hate Adalind. I hope Juliette makes a return and Monroe and Rosalee have a baby.

Will anyone be able to control Diana the demon child?


Love, love, love this show. Will be very much missed. :frowning:

Well let me start off with the surprising Meisner appearance. Since Renard has been hearing voices and seeing things that aren’t there, (well, since Diana, voodoo doll and all, mind controlled Renard into killing Bonaparte), I don’t know if this is more of the same when Meisner walks out of the dark and into plain view as Renard aims his gun. Meisner (apparition or not) reminds Renard that he chose the wrong side.

I hope this is real and that Meisner miraculously survived. Maybe this was a set up all along. But then the questions roll in. How did they pull this off? Did Eve know? Trubel? Hadrian’s Watch? Letting Renard build his ego over time, just enough to infiltrate Black Claw without him knowing it, is genius (especially if it means we get Meisner back!

Oh Diana. I completely understood Monroe last week when he was freaked out about Diana. Who wouldn’t be freaked out by the future Village of the Damned child with glowing purple eyes? There’s that juxtaposition of cute, innocent, sweet little girl and scary, I can kill you by just thinking of killing you little girl. Renard had the nerve of thinking he could just sit her down and tell her a thing or two by way of chastising her for making him kill Bonaparte. He’s lucky Adalind reminded him of who/how she is. No one can just “talk” to her”. And yes Renard, as much as you hate it, Diana kind of controls your life.

So, when will Adalind test the ring?

We see what a Hexenbiest and Zauberbiest can create; a powerful little girl named Diana. She showed her powers early on as a baby.

So, what can a Hexenbiest and Grimm produce? Will Kelly be just as powerful? He hasn’t shown anything…yet.

Once again, they’ve sent Trubel off to who knows where. Bud make an appearance last week. (it’s nice to see him). Juliette/Eve is changing. During that death grip trip, Eve sees mysterious symbols and they happen to be on that mysterious cloth as well. Nick has bonded with the stick and everyone (Nick and Renard) have reached an agreement.

I’m glad Nick is Nick again too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone here watch the finale? If so, thoughts?