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Gotcha B!tch

You Go Quinn! Woohoo!!!


Bwahaha. That was a great ending. Even though shes terrible I love Quinn.


I loved Quinn and Shauna today! Shauna showed such class. Quinn showed her fierce.

Love these women!

I watched just to see those 2 women. I despise Brooke


I like Quinn too but this s going to bite her in the a$$. Who knew Shauna being the voice of reason. I hadn’t really made up my mind in Quinn v. Brooke but I think I’m going to go with Brooke. Quinn is just to gleeful of the people she’s going to hurt to get back at Brooke. Brooke was right about Quinn encouraging Shauna to go after Ridge. Not only that, when Ridge finds out Shauna knew and didn’t tell him… and what about Quinn’s own marriage? She think Eric is going to be happy?


Quinn is a little possessive of Wyatt which probably contributes to his Oedipus Complex…But I am all in for Quinn! After she disclaimed all Forrester property in a demonstration to Eric that she loved him and only him, I think she kinda redeemed herself for all the crazy havoc she wreaked. She was minding her own business trying to help out Shauna’s living conditions when Brooke came over trying to dictate to Eric that he should divorce Quinn. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. She even had second thoughts about spiking Brooke’s drink, but Brooke kept pushing her to do it. Quinn struggled with the deed but gave in to what we all were wanting her to do to Miss SFTV. They are trying to make Shauna appear so altruistic in not wanting to hurt Ridge because she loves him so, which will justify Ridge following her back to Vegas when she leaves town. Shauna is a little too naive if she thought Quinn wasn’t gonna SEND herself that video—after all, what’s a camera phone for??


I’m with you, I’m team Quinn all the way. Brooke was so out of line demanding Eric divorce Quinn, I mean who does she think she is! I’m at the point where I can never be on team Brooke. Look at how she was talking to Katie today, like she wasn’t just making out with her boyfriend/fiancé (whatever his title is. In my opinion what Brooke and Bill did was WAY worse then what Shauna and Ridge did. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion they were all in the wrong. But Brooke is doing this to her little sister for the THIRD time! Team Quinn all the way!


At least quin remembered katie in all this
Iglas shauna isnot picking out wedding dresses for the fall out if this bomb shell
If it goes down wrong i can see shauna taking the blame for quin
I love the shauna and friendship
I would love to see them work together to help thomas
Only thing good about brookes betrayal is knowing ridge will be burt


How bout she’s still daydreaming about the kiss, too?


We all know thomas will be blamed by brooke hope liam and steffy logan


I know, she’s disgusting :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:. What blows my mind is after the kiss she had the nerve to say “Bill, you can’t kiss me like that!” She was kissing him too! I’m glad the video shows that too! She was very into it. That was not all on Bill.


Oh Ann, please don’t call Steffy a Logan, she said and did what she had to do to get rid of Liam. She had to get rid of the albatross some way and just used Thomas to do it.


Funny part is douglas has a family now and kelly is just a thought in liams mind when his ego needs stroking


Quinn should enjoy this for now. It’s going to come back to bite her!


Quinn is a villain who has been hiding behind good behaviour for too long. Welcome back, Quinn! I’ve had it with boring characters. Thomas, Steffy & Quinn brighten up the series.


I’m always team Brooke but you know she just cant help herself lol. She needs to get called out on her ish like everyone else.


Good grief. I don’t want to go through another devastated month or two of poor poor Betrayed Katie.


I seem to remember Brooke’s issue with marrying Ridge after she found out about him and Quinn…let’s just call it karma


I know she deserves it. It’s just these writers with these interchangeable hypocrites. Now it’s Quinn turn. It’s comical. I didn’t like Brooke when was doing it either. Can’t we have a storyline where there is no hypocrisy?


Good girl I like the way you explained steffys position in all this.
She got rid of him…that is all that matters, please let it be forever.
Steffy is not Logan…I might be a little upset with her at the moment, but I still love her.

I hate Liam.


Didn’t I see a spoiler that Shauna was going back to LV. So perhaps Shauna is gone when the video is shown at the party. Why would anyone suspect that Shauna was the one that took the video unless there is some kind of record of who visited the property that night?

As long as Quinn does not use her own computer to upload the video to the link that Ridge provided no one will be any the wiser about Shauna taking the video and Quinn posting the video.

Possible storyline

I do think that the blame for the video will fall on Thomas because that will be the first person that Brooke thinks about. Brooke will go on and on about the fact that Thomas had to have done this and she will remind Ridge how she was right about Thomas last time. This will only cause Ridge to turn his anger on his son thus deflecting from the fact that Brooke was kissing Bill. This will cause further problems between Ridge and Thomas. When Thomas finally returns and Ridge accuses him of uploading the video and Thomas denies it. Ridge tells him that Brooke said that Thomas did it and he didn’t believe Brooke last time when she said that Thomas was still obsessed with Hope. Thomas asks when the video was uploaded and he tells his father that he can prove that he could not have done what Brooke is accusing him of because he decided to check himself into a hospital under a voluntary psychiatric hold for 72 hours so that he has a deniability factor for the time that the video was uploaded.