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Game of thrones who watches?

S8 episode 1 last night your thoughts?

dark dany coming?

Know your audience. :wink:. No posts yet?
I watch and the first two are why I love this show so much. We know these characters and it made sense to wrap up some stories before the war when a lot of our people are going to never make it out of Winterfell. Your thoughts?

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Last night FLOORED me.
I watched it twice and was just as unsettled the second time around.
Lady Mormont ROCKED!
Her and Arya are the heroes of the show.

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hi everyone i guess this board doesnt watch much GOT , i love the new season , i had a feeling white walkers and night king would be extinguish but i think in the end they may have wanted to save humanity from a greater threat which seats in a wheeling chair without saying to much to spoil it because i think its a big possibility one of the starks is not who he seems , also dany is turning dark more and more and i think if they defeat cersei the final battle will be against jon and dany fighting for the throne i think more lords will back up jon especially tyrion

Tyrion is an idiot!
Why does he INSIST on appealing to Cersei’s humanity? That biatch is colder than the Night King!
Also, Jamie needs to die now!
How dare he throw Brianne a pity lay then run off to save his putrid to the core sister.

Soo…that happened.

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it sure did , final episode i predict jon killing dany but before that more executions may come like tyrions and i doubt dany would want any starks alive especially sansa or anyone who knows who jon really is .It will be bad.

I’m not capable of mentally preparing myself for tomorrow!
hides under covers.

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All Hail Bran the Broken!

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well that was the biggest surprise bran being king
lets hope bran is who he says he is .

What was up with that?
All season we have Bran talking about how he couldn’t possibly be King of the North, but he can be King of EVERYTHING?!

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exactly :wink: and while the WW battle was going on i believe he was helping the NK
i just dont think bran stark lives whoever is in that chair is a different force, the three eyed raven or NK ,could be bran set this whole thing up so he can end up king, didn’t you get the feeling show ended with more questions than answers?

I’m waiting for G.R.R.M to write the book.
None of what happened made sense. Especially them having Dany go suddenly psychotic.

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I’m hoping 1 of the spin offs will be about Arya and her travels.

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there are cut scenes sophie turner ( sansa stark )said she kept a scroll from the set that was turning point of the show ,
that never made the show -rumor
is that scroll is from sansa to jon once she became queen in the north she pardoned jon , she can do this since north is independent now, and told him to come back
home this is why we see jon leaving castleblack with the wildings-but they gave a different impression on the show either way jon was leader of freefolk in the north and sansa queen in the north.but in the books i think this will be better explained.

regarding dany it only looked sudden because writers were trying to fool audiences as much as they could previous seasons basically showing dany liberating these cities and people but also showing dany burning and crucifying people ,yes some of those were very evil bad people but the intent of her way of ruling was there , she would do something good but then also something bad , we just didnt think it was a big deal because all those bad evil people deserved it in a way but when she did the same to people who didnt deserve it like all the innocent people in KL she would blame cersei for it , she burned varys blamed sansa , she never took responsibility jon had no choice but to end her life in the end as she was going after winterfell/sasna next , but overall yes they should have made a better job with the season it was rushed i think if we had 10 episodes it would make more sense to show danys transition .

She was supposed to execute Varys. He committed treason. As for Sansa, Dany never once threatened her. She should have because Sansa had been gunning for her from the beginning.
Santa showed herself to be just as power hungry as Dany without doing the work it took to gain the throne. At first her issue was Dany not being from the north. When presented with Bran as an option, Bran, the rightful heir of the northern kingdom, it STILL wasn’t good enough. She wanted to be Queen and she sewed seeds of discord between Jon and Dany to make sure it happened. Little Finger taught her well.

no doubt sansa learned from LF , cersei and people in her life, but what she learned from them she used it for good , and put in good use ,diplomacy can go a long way instead of burning , i didnt see sansa power hungry , but more concerned and worried wanting her people and north lands to be free from tyranny. She was seeing jon bending the knee giving up his crown and she was worried ,She never wanted the iron throne, those dreams died way back when she was younger and a lannister prisoner , she never wanted to go back to KL she only did when jon was prisoner and tried to free him.

The issue with dany and mistrusting her goes way back to what targaryens did to her uncle and grandfather they were roasted alive by danys father , given that AND jon giving up his crown was too much for sansa and she has learned from cersei not to trust easily , dany went to the north expecting respect while northerners were saying to her earn it first , however it did seem for a second there dany/sansa getting along and then dany kinda pulled back from their friendship when sansa brought up the north being independent , dany doesnt budge , she likes to conquer she likes power and doesnt like that to give anything away.

But even if sansa and dany got along and were great friends do you think it would change anything? the end result would have been the same because dany was a tyrant in the making and eventually she would turn everyone against her who didnt see the world as she did

in her last speech she told her soldiers the KL attack ,wasn’t the last war ,she lied to the norther ens when she told them it was , dany would go on fighting and fighting until she conquered and “liberated” everyone even if countries didnt need it or want it , in a way jon not only protected the north /westeros from tyranny by killing dany but he also saved dany from herself and what she was becoming.

I don’t take issue with what Jon did. I take issue with Sansa. Sansa’s worries about a tyrant died with Dany. She had zero reason to worry about the north with Bran as King of the Seven Kingdoms. She wanted to be Queen. She became Queen without having to get her hands dirty. Also, how was she diplomatic? She didn’t build a consensus with anyone. She didn’t discuss, she just decided the deal everyone who was being diplomatic discussed wasn’t for her. That’s tyranny. Nobody elected her. She got to be where she was because Jon asked her look after his kingdom.

You cant survive being prisoner , being abused without being diplomatic ,
if she was anything other than that sansa stark would have been dead by now
just like dany is.
Sansa knew when to speak and when not to
she learned to use diplomacy and her mind rather than installing fear in people
one of many example shes was diplomatic with LF , using him to get his help with battle of bastards ,
sansa is more political player than a warrior type
as for her queen position she didnt ask to be queen nothing in her speech
to bran mentioned anything for her to be queen if anything she was hoping
jon would still be their king the unsullied decided jons fate without even giving jon a chance to a fair
trial that is tyranny.that is the tyranny that dany taught her soilders and followers .
The Starks are in charge of winterfell and always be it was always an independent kingdom for thousands
of years and sansa asked for that , her queen status shouldn’t be a surprise she is the eldest daughter of
their former Lord/king ned stark , jon was exiled , bran is king in KL and arya is taking off on a Christopher Columbus
voyage , so who is left? sansa stark ,northern lords wouldn’t pick just anyone , they wanted someone loyal
someone who knows them and who would speak for them , it was only fitting she would be next in line to be queen
like jon told her , "let ned starks daughter speak for them ( northern) shes best they can ask for. "