Gabi going through the Dimera’s men

Johnny is next on that list :joy:


And she will probably end up having Johnny’s baby… that would be another drama… who’s the baby’s daddy??? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

OMG!! Three devil babies? No way!!! I will be gone!

Isn’t Gabi a little old for Johnny?

The actors are only and 3 and half years apart

Characters ages I’m not sure

I guess when he first came back, he was acting like a spoiled entitled brat, so I thought he was a lot younger, at least by the way he was acting.

Now he just seems terribly obnoxious.

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Nah…but Abby, lol! She has been going through DiMera men!

  • Chad
  • EJ
  • Stefan

It somehow too, looks like Andre was smitten by her too, but not got there.

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You’re right about Abby, however, Kate has her beat! LOL

  • Stefano

  • Andre

  • EJ

  • Jake

And it seemed like Tony was flirting w/Kate not too long ago, telling her how she is a beautiful woman.


Gabi - Chad, Stefan, Jake and now Johnny. She’s also run through a lot of the Horton clan - will, Nick, JJ, Eli… I guess she likes to run through families.

The actors may only be 3 1/2 years apart but the characters sure aren’t. But that means nothing on Days.

Kate and EJ? :grimacing:

Gabi, or any one else for that matter, doesn’t have much choice. Salem basically only has three families.

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Yup, Kate and EJ hooked up a long time ago like when he first came on the show.


And she the one not relate to them. In Salem most of them are relate to each other