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Franco's brain tumor

The biopsy has not been done. So we don’t know what kind of brain tumor Franco has. There can be secondary tumors in the brain from other cancers (most tumors can metastasize to the brain). There also can be a lymphoma. Lymphoma is the best malignant tumor to have in the brain. Lymphoma can grow anywhere in the body. It can be curable or incurable, but treatable. Like my lymphoma is treatable. And last year I had a 16 cm tumor in my lungs and many smaller ones. So let’s hope it’s a lymphoma for Franco and curable at that.


You can’t have surgery at all to remove it

Most brain metastases don’t need surgery. They are killed by cyberknife or gamma knife radiation. There are also chemo options which can be delivered intravenously or directly to the brain via spinal tap or Ommayan reservoir. I hope It’s not a primary brain tumor as I cannot take another story like Oscar’s.

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