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Finola Hughes Steps Back Into Playing Dual Roles

Hang on to your hats, GH fans!

At this point in the show, one Anna is one too many! This twin story should have been over before it began! It’s time for Anna to take her vacation!

I really dislike twins for a SL but I absolutely hate when the Bad twin takes over the Good twin’s life. So it is FF button time


I agree…so over the “evil twin” takes over. I only really liked it when you had 2 distinct characters, like Adam and Stuart on AMC or Marley and Vickie on Another World.


Those were incredible actors playing those roles. This story was crazy because we saw Alex as very caring on AMC. However Anna was the evil twin who came to PC, however, maybe they’ll rewrite history again!

I love Ana’s character…and I love her with Finn…but GH needs to do better than another evil twin story…wake me up when it’s over.


Don’t forget that we have Kevin and his evil twin too… that is two sets of evil twins on one show.


Soo…annoying this good/evil business…lol…

Although the evil ones usually deliver really great one liners…haha…always makes me laugh out loud…

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Saw it yesterday and yes I will be FF all of it.


At least they can tell Kevin and Ryan apart now bc of the hand. LOL :grinning: