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Fanbase arguing over Brooke vs Taylor & Hope vs Steffy

There has been lots of arguing amongst the posters of our B&B board which is causing us to close posts, give warnings and place temporary bans. We are also noticing an influx on posts being reported for no other reason than being spiteful just because you dislike what someone is posting. That is not how the flagging system works. The flag only for guideline infractions.

Every poster should be using the Golden Rule which pertains not just to real life but to how you conduct yourself on the net. Treat others the way that you would like to be treated. Even if you disagree on who to ship.

At this point we will be cracking down on posters of any camp and placing permanent bans on those who continue to bait and bash in order to preserve our community. There will be bans placed on those who continuously report so-called bad posts because you disagree with the poster.

Also, we do not allow fanbase bashing in avatars or baiting. We do not allow it anywhere. Keep your avatars clean and within the guidelines or you’ll face a permanent ban.

Not sure how to act? Not sure what to flag? Read the guidelines. Board Guidelines

Remember, if you have nothing nice to say to another fan then do not say anything. You do not always have to provide your opinion when it goes against what someone else says. If someone posts a nice thread about a character you hate, stay out of it so that it does not press your buttons.