Eric reasoning?

So Eric’s isn’t going to Paris/Carter’s wedding because he doesn’t want to make Zende feel uncomfortable?

But he had no problem attending the wedding of Hope Logan/LLL right after his granddaughter Steffy gave birth to LLL daughter?

The only reason I can think of is his worshipping all things Logan.


Eric really is a silly, dirty, old man. I’m sorry but many Logan women legs has he dived into? He’s just gross!


It’s time for Eric to either take to the rocker or around the world trips. Just say goodbye already.


Well if Eric is foolish enough to marry Donna again I sure hope that he gets a good prenup and does not tear it up. JM talked about his character Eric taking a trip. I would like to see Eric go on that world trip expecially if he marrys Donna.


Steffy went so I don’t see why he wouldn’t go.

I agree! he is a hypocrite


I would like Sheila to kill him with Liam.


Because Hope wouldn’t take no for an answer. Steffy told Hope it was too soon for her, but Hope still wouldn’t take no for an answer. She then brought up Kelly and her unborn child, saying Steffy should attend for the benefit of the family. As usual, Hope uses the kids when Steffy refuses any of her requests.


Hope just said she would like her to go. Steffy can say no.

Steffy did say no, but Hope wouldn’t accept it.

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She asked and Steffy went. Hope didn’t go to the cliff house and drag her to the wedding. Taylor even tried to talk her out of going but Steffy was adamant . Steffy is no pushover, if she didn’t want to go she wouldn’t have. No way Hope could make her do something she didn’t want to do. She’s too strong for that.

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JM is a very good actor and he plays Eric well. B&B would not be the same without him.

I would still watch it without him…matter of fact I hope I do get to watch it without him,


Hope does make Steffy do something that she doesn´t want to really do. Steffy really did not want to attend the Lope wedding but Hope basically told Steffy that if she was sincere about wanting them all to be one big family that she needed to show up for her wedding.

It was just like Steffy did not really want Liam to move in with them when Hope had the Lope marriage annulled but Hope made her feel that this was something that she had to do for the sake of her 2 children. Hope had been going on for quite some time about how Liam needed to be there for the children.


We are never going to see eye to eye, I saw Hope browbeat Steffy, even using Kelly and her unborn child, to get Steffy to change her mind about coming. Steffy said she would attend only if Taylor could be her plus one.


That is right, and the Logan’s didn’t like that idea…


I guess I never really thought of Steffy as a character that would let someone force her to do things. In my opinion she makes her own decisions on her own.

We might not agree but I always enjoy reading your thoughts on the soap :smile:

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Yes. Hope badgered Steffy.

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I do think that Steffy is strong and confident in her business life but that is not how I see her in her personal life. It is not that I see her as a weak person but I do see her as a person who, I am not sure if emotionally stunted is the right term but for now it is all I can think of to describe it. I mean what person in their 30s would still be fixated on getting their parents that have not been together for over 10 years back together. Steffy is ruled by her desire to have what she views as a united family and because of this she has made several wrong choices such as allowing Liam to move in when Lope annulled their marriage and her listening to Liam when he talked about all that he gave up to be with Hope and how he missed their family.

Hope knows how to manipulate Steffy by telling her that what Hope wants is in the best interest of the children. I think the only time that Steffy stood her ground was when Hope was telling her that Taylor should not live with her or Hope would not let Beth be a part of Kelly´s life.