Eric is completely lost

When Stephanie died, what really became the purpose of Eric? He’s no longer deciding anything at FC. He’s not really designing anymore. He sucks as being the head of the family. Can’t even bother visiting his grandchildren when they’re fighting for their lives. He married Quinn but always sided against her. Then offered her to Carter but took it back. And begun cheating on her with the most useless one-sided character Donna.

With his heavy breathing, I hope he can no longer keep up with Donna. Dump her and find someone who is at least 65, and fierce.

He lacks a compass. That was Stephanie. He’s now just this old lost man who don’t know what’s important in life anymore. A strong supportive patriarch he is not.


When Stephanie died, he lost the person who gave him strength. His whole being is a weak man, Stephanie made him strong and successful.


Excellent comment and all true!