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Eric and the girls

lets see now, Eric had been involve with with and married to two sisters ,Brooke and Donna right. So why he want to involve with Donna? These girls are Whores. If he truly love Quinn as she loves him ,he would tell them to step to hell,come on Eric.


After today’s show I think I hate Eric. Telling Donna that perhaps she and Brooke are right that he’s only with Quinn because he doesn’t want to be alone.

So he’s busted up Quinn’s life, strung her along, instead of signing the divorce papers he made her think he’s in love with her and wants her as his wife and it’s all a big fat lie. He’s just using her as a friend because he doesn’t want to be alone.

He doesn’t have ED that’s a sham he can’t stand being married to someone Brooke doesn’t approve of that’s his only problem.


I don’t know why he doesn’t just marry Donna. This whole thing is so convoluted and makes no sense. Eric is all over the place, there is absolutely no consistency or logic with this .


Like the rest of the Loganized men they only love themselves.


Supposedly he “loves” Quinn but he “lust” for Donna. And Donna will be willing to have sex with Eric to what end?


Well know Eric doesn’t have ED. He’s got I’m tired of my wife syndrome, The Seven Year Itch, Loganitis whatever you want to call it.

My wish … the old fool decides to go for it with Donna and has a heart attack right there in the bed.

I just hope this time Quinn takes that abusive user for as much as Donna took him for … minimum the equivalent of 12.5% of FC’S value. Quinn should take him for a lot more than that because she was married to him longer and she contributed a lot to FC’s bottom line where Donna did not.


i really think Eric setting Quinn up with Carter,he think its gives him permission to play hanky panky with Donna.


That made my head want to explode…not to mention Eric discussing the details of his night with Quinn to Donna. I am done with Eric old boy after today…how they will ever redeem him in my eyes I have no idea.


I KNOW!!! I hate numbnuts and have done for a long long time.

I think he is, is, is, I can’t think of a derogatory name bad enough to suit him……same as Brooke, Katie, and I did at one time think Donna was humorous side piece, but not any more……

I almost wish Taylor was not coming back to be rubbished by this bunch of people who are nothing but scum on the bottom of her shoe…I feel for Taylor already, u less the writers have at least gotten together and realise just what whor#es they have made the Logan’s, and Taylor is way too good for them.b

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I think that annoyed me the most so far. Eric knows the Logan sister don’t like his wife, so why give them even more leverage? I really hope Quinn gets the chance to put Eric in is place next week. But i still prefer her to run from this flake.

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Eric only truly loved Stephanie. Even with her, he could not be faithful. No matter what he and Stephanie went through together and apart, they always came back to each other. When he died, he lost his anchor.

Eric may be 80, but he is still a child. He has to learn to make a marriage work one must weather all storms. He must give his marriage a real chance. If he can’t, end the marriage with dignity, and find happiness. However, whomever he chooses --Quinn or Donna, just stay with that woman and make it work.

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Donna has always indicated that she was an available option for Eric but he chose to be with Taylor and Quinn over returning to Donna. Eric seems to have forgotten what it takes to make a marriage work. Quinn was a fool for returning to Eric but while Eric might choose to be with Donna because he knows that Ridge and Brooke and Katie will support his relationship I sincerely hope that when he comes to do the deed with Donna that he finds out that she did not cure his ED and that he becomes bored with her.

The only reason that Eric would even pursue a relationship with Donna is because she makes his little pecker stand up. Taylor is coming back. Eric did have a think with her so will he see if she is able to arouse him to.

I right there with you. Although even putting the Logan coven of wenches :woman_mage: aside, I just find it beyond disgusting that Eric discusses his private issues with anyone. But…for sure the Logan’s. UGH Even while I’ve hated everything about this ED s/l, I was still routing for Quinn and Eric to stay together. All that changed yesterday and I am on team Quinn and whatever she chooses to do. Eric and Donna can drown in a big old vat of honey, preferably while being stung by bees :honeybee: :honeybee:…like always just my opinion.


Same here everything about this ED SL was horrible to watch but I was also rooting for Eric and Quinn as well. Yesterday changed all of that and I want Quinn to run not walk out of that house as fast as she can. Eric is like a teenage boy telling everyone about his problems and telling Donna that Mr. Happy didn’t make it home to his wife was disgraceful and then the nerve to say it only happens with you made me sick…so I’m with you let Honey Bear and Donna drown in that vat of honey… :bear: :bear: :honey_pot: :honey_pot: