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Enjoying the teens lately

Today the script was especially good between Cam and Trina. If any of the friends end up as a couple, I wish it would be them.


Being uncomfortably honest with each other…so unusual for a soap.

I can’t WAIT for Joss to confront him, and he brings up the fake ‘journal’ that Jerky Dev ‘found’. Hurry up and straighten that up, so Dev can get his ‘punishment’.

Omg to me they are boreing

I guess Joss get all the boys fighting for her. I can’t believe after blowing Cam for this long and now that Oscar is dead she can go to Cam . All of a sudden he wants Cam

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It helps that all four teens are great actors. It is nice to see so many adults into a teen storyline again.

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All 4 really are very talented!

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Yes, I especially love the Trina character. She always seems very mature for her age, and has the ability to show empathy, even after all she’s been through. A very wise young lady, with a good head on her shoulders. I can totally understand her contempt for Jordan and Curtis. I can’t wait until she gets her dad back. And then she can lash out at Jordan. :wink:


Not me, they should have a spin off. I guess Im to old for this, not into whos falling in love, so boring

I like the Girls…and particularly their compassion for each other. But Trina could use a lesson in having better mannerisms…when dealing with the Elders…

Both teens spoke honestly and openly about their relationship and what it entails. This is refreshing! Joss’ sudden interest in Cam seems more like a case of jealousy than true attraction whereas Trina’s relationship is more heartfelt.


That’s what I initially thought of Joss’s feelings for Cam…but now, I am not so sure…lol…

I cannot enjoy the teen storyline. Trina being written as the trusty bestfriend who never gets a guy is annoying. I am not interested in seeing this kind of crap. GH needs new writers.

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I hate how the writer have turned Dev into an obnoxious little turd. Cam, Joss, and Trina have been GOOD to him. They have all been good friends to him - keeping his secret - teaching him all about life in America. Helping him with school - giving him their trust and respect.

This is a slap in the face to ALL of them - that they don’t deserve.

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I agree with you on that

I’m also excited that the teens will be working together to try and clear Taggert’s name. Unfortunately it will lead to further drama. I think the focus will be on them remaining friends and trying to help Trina. I prefer this storyline because I loved the teens of the past that would go on these sleuthing expeditions.

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Yep they are fun yes I hope they keep doing this well

I would rather see their expeditions and their focus more on the friendship…than their little love feelings.


Me too, I want the silly scooby doo adventure…the feelings talks are fine to a point but enough already.


Same here. I can’t believe how many people are getting bent out of shape regarding Trina Cam Joss and Dev.