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Enjoying the dialogue

I really enjoyed the show Thursday and Friday. Thursday had some really good lines. Not sure how long something is considered a spoiler so I’ll just say the scenes with Nickolas :heartbeat: and Ava were great (if somewhat implausible)! I just love the way Nik delivers his lines. Always a little something else there. Ava does snarky very well, but he’s keeping her a little off her game, I think. Epiphany gave Cyrus a good line at the Floating Rib too! Loved it.


They were good…:clinking_glasses::clinking_glasses::leaves::leaves:

My favorite one-liner was when Spinelli ran into Val and said Darth Cassadine… :joy: I still love his nicknames… I also loved Brook-Lynn with Val and Britt with Alexis!


Spinelli is a hoot… He makes scenes funny…:full_moon_with_face: